Zoo's .. good or bad?

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  • Its cruel to keep animals in Zoo's

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Public Zoo's a good thing or bad?
I've just been watching a programme about a zoo. I have my own views on keeping animals, but what about the majority?


Public Zoo's a good thing or bad?
i don't particularly like zoos and don't visit them ,however i do think that nowadays they do alot of good work in helping to protect species and educate people.


Public Zoo's a good thing or bad?
mixed feelings on this one. yes, they help endangered species, and it also gives some people, children, the chance to see animals they would probably never get to see otherwise. but at the same time i don't like the idea of them being in the zoo!


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Public Zoo's a good thing or bad?
Hmmmm Another awkward question , Down in Devon they have Monkey World , they have rescued monkeys apes etc from Bodrum and Istanbul one used to be on Turkish TV CHARLIE, but he could'nt walk without shoes now he's in devon also some from spain so its more of a sancutary , Also some rare animals like the white tiger are breeding in some zoo's in the world , But for the main part i don't agree with zoo's except for little animals for school children to see they never have enough space for the very big animals and its cruel but maybe in the ones with space at least the Elephants are safe from poachers etc .......Diane
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Public Zoo's a good thing or bad?
I don't like to see animals penned up in small cages in Zoo's or dolphins and whales made to perform for our entertainment.


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Public Zoo's a good thing or bad?
visited many zoos around the world and was impressed by the quality of work these places do, many of these animals would struggle to survive in the wild and are often either rescued or are sired from previous zoo stock.

not into animals performing for human pleasure

Public Zoo's a good thing or bad?
I think the keeping of dolphins, whales and seals in captivity should be banned, especially the so called shows. The only reason for keeping any wild animal in a zoo would be for breeding of endangered species and then I would hope to see them in large enclosures and never ever kept caged.

If anyone is going to Tenerife please DO NOT go to the zoo in the hills above Los Christianas, I have reported this place to Born Free who already knew about it and were looking at the zoo. To date I don't know if they have managed to free the tigers, pumas and lions which were kept in terrible conditions.



Public Zoo's a good thing or bad?
Zoos aren't the same as they were when I was small. I think they understand and try to give them good surroundings now. But I haven't been to a Zoo for many years, partly because sons have grown up and partly because I still don't like seeing the animals caged.

Anyway, I haven't answered the poll because I don't see my choice there :)


Public Zoo's a good thing or bad?
Tough one this

I hate to see animals caged up but I would rather they were caged up than extinct.



Public Zoo's a good thing or bad?
Personally I hate to think of any animal caged and some of the poor things are so unhappy displaying distressing repetative behaviour however I do realise that zoo's are doing outstanding work in preventing many from being extinct. What i do agree with is the wild life sanctuarys where disabled animals are given the chance of life in a safe and caring environment. Actually as a veggie I dont agree with eating animals either but thats another story.
Public Zoo's a good thing or bad?
Hard one this even when I was small, I did not like going to belfast zoo, but they have come on so much if it not for the likes of Jerrsy zoo alot of animals would be extinct, so a hard one!


Public Zoo's a good thing or bad?
Easy decision ban all zoos as observation platforms for the publics entertainment. Any creature that is not endangered should not be in a zoo.

Recreate them as survival for endangered species centers or something similar. Then get the public if they are so concerned to support their conservation programmes. Market the concept in schools and teach the children about helping others (animals) and how they can visit them and support the `unfortunate` animals that have (mainly) been getting slowly destroyed by humans.
Public Zoo's a good thing or bad?
İ hate zoos , and the idea that kids wouldnt be able to see them etc is arrogant..who the hell are we to confine animals to a miserable life just so we can gape at them.
İts wrong
İ'm also getting to the stage of being cynical that under the guise of 'endangered species' there could be a lot more going on.


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Public Zoo's a good thing or bad?
I think healthy wild animals should not be kept in a zoo. Those that are injured and can't retun and those that are in risk of becoming extinct should be on a breeding program in zoo's that offer the land space required to keep these animals. In cages just for observation is not then answer. In Ankara the have a couple big cats, can't remember if they are tigers or lions, they are in a cage, unexceptable. Here is a great example of a zoo I have been to.

African Lion Safari



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Public Zoo's a good thing or bad?
It is a difficult one this and zoos get criticised for existing only to make money, and keeping unhappy animals in unnatural conditions.

But there are some very good well managed zoos that educate about animal conservation and support breeding programs all around the world.

Chester Zoo for instance is a conservation organisation that helps to save endangered species, and they also carry out research into improving our understanding of animal behaviour.

Education is a very important part of Chester Zoo's work and they try to give the visitor a real sense of how their actions can affect endangered species' eg visitors are encouraged to check the 'green' credentials of any tour company they may use before booking a holiday to islands with endangered species, such as the Komodo Dragon on Komodo Island, Indonesia, and the Green Sea Turtle, whose shell is prized as a tourist souvenir.

So I suppose you need to judge whether a particular zoo is okay rather than ruling them all out as a total no no?



Public Zoo's a good thing or bad?
Much better for the animals to be in the wild with no constraints including country borders. These pics were taken in Kenya and the border with Tanzania was only 20 miles away and they could travel where ever they wanted to.







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Public Zoo's a good thing or bad?
visited many zoos around the world and was impressed by the quality of work these places do, many of these animals would struggle to survive in the wild and are often either rescued or are sired from previous zoo stock.

not into animals performing for human pleasure


Amen! They are a necessary evil.

Let's all ask ourselves a question about the "Big-Picture"; As much as we hate to see animals suffer or be taken out of their natural environment, how many us would actually do the things absolutely required to save these animals and their natural habitats? Stop driving cars? gravel roads rather than asphalt? Discontinue the use of make-up? Cell phones? laptops? How about that favorite seafood? Why draw the line at four-legged animals? Tuna, swordfish, seabass... How many of you really believe that if, say, all tigers were taken out of zoos and returned to their habitats, some poor man in a village somewhere struggling to feed his family will the resist killing the animal for a cash paying customer's desire to hang a pelt or stuff the animal for his chateau in the alps? Hello?? Are we really that blind or is it that this just happens to be a great way of making us feel better about ourselves. Perhaps a bit more compassionate. I choose to be an annual member of the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago and hope that the least I can do is give my money to them with hopes that my children can learn.

That large dream home by the seaside so many of us prize effects the environment down to the smallest creatures. If we can't give up those things that make our lives easier, more convenient, pleasurable and so on, go to the zoo, become a member of your zoological society, donate some of that future vacation money to a zoo dedicated to saving the future of our furry, scaly, and feathered friends.

Bottom line - Mankind's appetite for destruction and/or "advancement" has put the burden of doing something to preserve the creatures for future generations on the shoulders of this generation.

Look into the mirror and what does it tell you?


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Public Zoo's a good thing or bad?
I think Zoos that focus on conservation of endangered species are acceptable as long as the animals have an environment matched to their needs and not our need to see them. But visitors pay the bills and keep these projects going. Ideally they would all be roaming free but we all know we don't live in an ideal world - far from it.

As for Ankara zoo. Murat took me 14 years ago so no idea what it's like now but I wept at the caged big cats with no room to move or interact. And I will never forget the miserable elephants with chains on their feet just pacing in distress. It was a disgrace.

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