ps2 consoles
One of our Turkish friends has asked us to buy a ps2 console for him. He is not bothered whether it is new or second hand, but due to the expense of the games to play on it, it has to be able to play copy discs.

Can anyone please advise which models would be suitable ie - silver large or small, black large or small etc. Unfortunately I am not technically minded so please do not quote model numbers unless really relevant :)

Many thanks in advance for any info anyone can provide.


ps2 consoles
as already said above, a 2nd hand PS2 will be really easy to find.

My son has said to try some of the forums of PS2 gamers for someone selling his chipped one, as you won't be able to buy them new like that from anywhere "High Street" retailers.

The other alternative is to get the PS2 console, if you can find a really cheap 2nd hand one and then buy the external "Chip" they can be bought for around $60 on the websites that sell them.

Hope that helps :eek:)

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