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Tapu Related​

Name change through marriage/divorce on Tapu
You need to go to your Tapu office with the marriage certificate, noterised (and apostilled in the UK) and it must show the new names on it, Tapu, both passports, NUFUS document and residencies.
All your wifes’ afore mentioned documents must show her new name.
Then you can get your Tapu updated. But this is Turkey and requirements may vary in different districts.
If changing due to Divorce, then the divorce papers will need to be apostilled in the UK, then the same as above, passport etc need to be in your new name.

Tapu name removal after a death of a partner (Joint named on Tapu)
To remove your spouse/partner’s name from your Tapu through death, you will need to go to the court first and get a Turkish Judges court letter, as it is not possible to disinherit family, (meaning the survivors name on the Tapu may not get 100% of the property) then you will need to show the letter and a notarised copy of the Will to your local Tapu/deed office, along with a notarised death certificate.
If any official paperwork, foreign will, death certificate etc. was not issued in Turkey, they will need apostilling in the country they were issued then translated and noterised in Turkey before they will be accepted.
It is strongly advised you seek the services of a Lawyer to assist in this.

Replacement of a Lost Tapu

You should go to your tapu office with a copy of your passport, Residence Permit, tax number and a utility bill.
Also take photocopies.
They may require a mobile number to send a text to you.
There may be a small charge for this service.

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