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Just playing some tracks of a certain age which still get my blood going.

So im wondering if there is anyone who remembers when R&B wasnt little mixed race girlies singing half ass gospel, when it was hairy blokes with beards who sang about white rooms, green manalishi's and had cool names like yardbirds, pretty things or bluesbreakers.?

Ahh --when music did rock as well as being called rock.

Today i will be mostly playing Fleetwood Mac [pete green that is]


Proper music
Something of little interest, lacking substance. But to whom ???? Different strokes for different folks.

Yalimart, that is what I meant to say, I just elaborated LOL!!!
Proper music
Well Babs, leaving aside any dictionary definitions...
Here's what I meant...
I can't use any of the artists allready posted for fear of insulting someone. That being so, I will post two performances and let members decide which one might be classified as pap.
[ame=]YouTube - The Star-Spangled Banner - Jimi Hendrix (High Quality)[/ame]
[ame=]YouTube - MY HAPPINESS MAX BYGRAVES 8859F62B 149419[/ame]


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Proper music
What a shame that Jimi Hendrix never got past Stage 1 of his Bert Weedon Play In A Day course ! :lol:

Judith Durham's still going strong though.
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Proper music
does anyone know of a radio station that plays MUSIC ! instead of constant inane chat!
Proper music
If you hve Digiturk then the Mezzo channel plays good music 24 hours per day. That's Wine, Brigitte Bardot and Mezzo to thank the froggies for.


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Proper music
Radio Caroline, google it click " listen live " , no main ads either. Some oldies, some rock, no Nigga / Gangsta rap.


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