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Proof That Girls Are Evil
This simple algebraic formula proves what I've suspected for years....




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Proof That Girls Are Evil
I don't think we are "evil" just very "sly" and good at it, go girls :9:



Proof That Girls Are Evil
Well well we were obviously taught the ropes by men................................


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Proof That Girls Are Evil
Ummm All i have to say is .... Im Not always Right


I'm Never Wrong !!!!!!! ... ha ha ha


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Proof That Girls Are Evil
The Good Charlotte

" Girls don't like boys they like cars and money"
Great music.



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Proof That Girls Are Evil
Adam thought that as well,when Eve came out of the fruit orchard to hand the fruit to Adam as a kind gesture for accepting me as your partner.Little did Adam know at that time how she spent the many days speaking to an evil creature in the orchard,behind his back.
The creature was always there in the same place everyday to meet up with Eve to have a good chit chat about how you can become godlike with amazing powers.Only if Eve signs on the dotted line for me to build this dream property with sea views and at a good price as long as my first name Satan and the surname Devil is on the tapu.And what l’ll do for you since we are such good friends is to help you avoid all those taxes and overinflated prices what mainly the foriegners pay, if you put the tapu in my name.And in a few years you will be so wealthy from this property.People will look up to you as godlike,because of the amazing amount of money you have accumulated over such a short period.
“OK”!.She said,give me the pen.”Whats a pen” the devil said.lt’s not invented yet,but you can use one of my long fingernails dipped in my bodily fluids which will bond the agreement and give will me power of attorney.
Now all you have to do is go to your other half and give him this fruit as an acceptance to the agreement of becoming independent from commonsense.But don’t tell him until he takes the first bite from the fruit,then you can tell him what you have done.
Eve confronted Adam outside the orchard with the fruit,where Adam took it and said.”you” didn’t take it from that tree over there did you.Ohh No,she said.So he took the first bite and said,that is so evil,where did you get this.”Well”,you see that kind friendly honest well spoken smirky creature over there.He said we will be godlike if you take the first bite from this fruit to bond ourselves in a life of living without commonsense.l bought a villa from him and signed my life away,which also includes you by giving him power of attorney.
“You did what”AAAAGHH.
No doubt about it.Women have inherited a fundemental flaw from the original ancector.:eek:hwell:
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