Progress on tapu ?
As there are many people who have paid their full money for properties here in Turkey and still not received a Tapu (deeds), how do you find out about the progress to date?

Is there some way you can find what the number of your application is, if so how do you go about this?

It seems crazy just to sit and wait and wait while nothing happens. if enough people went to their local notery every couple of weeks and kept asking, something would eventually have to be done to speed up the system.

Many people are out of work here in Turkey. Plenty of jobs could be created by staffing the offices dealing with Tapus. Overnight, the whole system could improve and everyone would be able to get their deeds within 6 to 8 weeks just as we do in Europe. It would be a great advertisement for Turkey any people would start buying here again.

Here's hoping!



Progress on tapu ?
The question of Tapu haunts all purchasers in Turkey. Mag and I have just been notified this week that our Tapu is ready for collection. That is Tapu 'Irtifaki'. Once we finally get our habitation cert we can get it converted to Tapu 'Mulkiyeti'( with the property on the Tapu ). All this seems to take a ridiculous length of time. We have waited 18 months + since paying all money -a small final payment. I suppose it depends on how much your final payment is regarding how keen the other parties are to complete the transaction. As everyone knows,the whole buying process in Turkey stinks ,and needs a complete overhaul. It is largely a matter of luck wether you get a good developer /emlak.
Where are you in the process...Have you got your military clearance? As far as I am aware both the M.C. and Tapu application have Numbers. tracing the progress in Bodrum is really just a case of going into the office near the Marina ( with a turkish speaking person,and waiting in the queue. Your emlak should be able to take you into the Tapu office and get them to show you your file. However.If you do not have an independent Turkish speaking person with you,the paperwork will mean little.
Be warned. The office is Hot and there were no seats when we went. Personally ,I think a huge improvement there ,would be a ticket queing system. That would improve things dramatically.
Recently , TLF Member Pash mentioned a good Lawyer in Bodrum. a chat to him would at least let you know what your options and prospects are. good luck. Peter

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