Problem accessing members properties
Hello everyone,

Whilst I can access members properties for sale forum I cannot list my property for sale. I am upgrading and want to sell my current one. When I go on the forum, I go to new thread, to post my advert and it says I dont have permission to access the area. I have been a member for a few years.

Any suggestions.

Thank you



Problem accessing members properties

The Rule is that existing members who have been with TLF for at least 6 months and have completed at least 50 Posts, can use this Sub-Forum to advertise their properties.

I see that this is only your 17th Post, so presume that the "system" has blocked you.

I know Mushtaq was thinking about a one-off fee (ten pounds) as an alternative and will contact him on your behalf about the matter.

I will pm you with an answer shortly.
Problem accessing members properties
Thank you for replying so quickly. That explains it. I like this site and would consider paying the small fee, so let me know in your own time please.
Thanks again.


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