Power of attorney risks!!
CAN anyone please tell me in what risks you are exposed to when you are buying a place and give the POWER of ATTORNEY to your Solicitor.

Can he turn the Villa in his name after you have paid all the moeny?

Awaiting for feedback - THANKS beforehand


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Power of attorney risks!!
.. if i was buying another place here in turkey..i would .i certainly would not give power of attorney to anyone ..i have read to many stories on different forums ..that their bank accounts have been emptied ..they don,t actually own their properties..as it has been sold again....don,t get me wrong there are good honest soliciters out here ..but they are outweighed by the bad ones....you can transfer money from the uk very easily ..but make sure you know what your paying for first:31:
Power of attorney risks!!
i agree with Hijo..theres too many risks involved..
i know people do give POA..but i wouldnt..


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Power of attorney risks!!
Ensure that you get good legal advice before assigning POA to anyone. I believe that you can specify what powers you give, however, I'm sure other members can advise you.
I have used a solicitor, based in Didim, which was recommended by Crescent Homes.
Although I have not my tapu yet, as I have only recently purchased, I feel much safer after contacting them.

PM me if you want more info.


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Power of attorney risks!!
You should only give a specific power of attorney to anyone even a solictor, meaning you can specify that the POA holder can transfer the property into your name only they can't sell anything in your behalf, they could transfer utilities into your name but can't operate a bank account etc.

Just be specific about what you want the POA holder to be able to do and only give permission for that.


Power of attorney risks!!
A friend of mine gave POA to a solicitor in Kusadasi when he bought his apartment in 2005. It stated that the property was to be transferred into his name. Due to illness he couldn't return to Turkey until earlier this year after receiving emails from the solicitor asking him to come over to transfer the Tapu.
He arrived only to be continuily fobbed off with numerous excuses until he found another solicitor who did a check on the property, finding out that not only had the solicitor transferred the property into his own name but had taken out a loan on it last year. The said solicitor is up to his eyeballs in debt with the tax office so there's a freeze on everything he owns (incl my friend's apartment!). Unfortunately it's not just my friend who's in this situation with the same solicitor and even worse some people aren't even aware they don't own their holiday home!

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