I buy my potatoes from the weekly market and have no idea what type of potato they are. Every visitor I have remarks what lovely chips/roast potatoes/mash etc. I serve up. My latest visitor has asked if they can buy the same potato in UK. Can anyone help me please - what would they look for in England?



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The yellow ones we buy here (or similar) used to be on sale as Cyprus potatoes in the UK. I am not sure if you can still get them or if they are seasonal.


The following varieties are grown in Turkey: Alpha, Baraka, Desiree, Frigga, Resy, Ari, Colmo, Favorita, Isola, Sarikiz (local variety), Atica, Cosima, Fina, Jaerla, and Secunda. Only Ari, Cosima and Fina were extensively used by farmers. In addition many local varieties are grown,n especially in the mountainous eastern zone (Gomec).

Turkey - World Potato Atlas - CIP-collab
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Unfortunately, Cyprus potatoes (readily available all year round in the UK) are not the same. Very nice - but different. I too would like to be able to buy these Turkish potatoes in the UK. They are brilliant. Maisie


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It might be worth photographing them and comparing them with pictures on the www. If you put something like "potato, variety, identification" into a search engine you'll get loads of hits.

There are half a dozen or so different varieties of spuds sold in this region depending on season. It's probably the same down your way too.
I have asked growers and market sellers what are the varieties. The general answer is Sarı (yellow).

I think they look very similar to Marfona. A common variety grown in Greece.
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