Post Office closure.
I am out to Side for just a week- Tuesday 15 to 22 October.
I've heard that the P.O. will be closed-I usually bring sterling and exchange for lira when in Side but have hear that it is Bayram holiday and P.O. etc will be closed. My question is - when do they re-open?
I have bills to pay so need a good rate.


Post Office closure.
PTT and Banks will be closed all week from lunchtime on Monday 14 October and will not reopen until Monday 21 October so its going to be a busy end to your holiday

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Post Office closure.
Osman that runs the Change Bureau opposite MODA, just down the road from Side Princess Hotel will be open every day next week.

The same goes for Emra & Umit that run the bureau in the building on the left, next door to Novi Restaurant, as you go down the hill towards the sea, just before you turn left towards the Post Office.

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Post Office closure.
Thank you-do you know what rate they are giving? I usually change cash in Manavgat, but only coming for a week so will stay in Side.


Post Office closure.
In Alanya the Post Office is open Saturdays and next Saturday will open as normal.
If the Side one usually opens Saturdays that should also be open next Saturday.


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