Possible Reduction of UK Energy Bills
There has been a shift towards group buying of energy and other products to get a bulk deal.
This ad may interest some folk, sorry it's only for UK mainland, not available in NI.
The aim is to bring down the individual costs of fuel bills. You can register without obligation and you dont have to be in one area of UK, this is for a bulk buy across everyone who wants to benefit, either a single or a dual fuel deal.



Possible Reduction of UK Energy Bills
I like the idea but not fully convinced of them, I looked at one last year and I also spend time when my contract is up for renewal checking out prices. Often as not they don't compare on a level playing field with so many differing deals.

On the link you gave they have quoted ..."Our last collective winners cost just £810 a year on average for the most popular category – Monthly Direct Debit, Dual Fuel Gas & Electricity - at average usage which is defined by OFGEM as 12,500 kWh pa of gas and 3,100 KWh pa of electricity."

Using the exact same usage figures My current yearly bill would be £782 so I am still slightly cheaper with OVO.


Possible Reduction of UK Energy Bills
Good for you, we should always check and compare. We all use different amounts in different ways.
For example we are based in the country so we cannot get a deal on dual fuel as our gas is supplied by tanker.
It may be that the bigger the group the better the deal.


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Possible Reduction of UK Energy Bills
We also live in the country but we do have mains gas and access to all the deals, they dont tell you you have to tell them when your deal ends or they will quietly place you on the standard tarrif
What we cant get is any help with insulation because of the age of the house and the way its built, but we have to pay the green levy that everyone else pays, nor can we benefit from solar generation.



Possible Reduction of UK Energy Bills
Well 1565 members looks like 0.002% of the population so far are interested. That should give them some buying power!


Possible Reduction of UK Energy Bills
My contract for dual fuel ends today. Over the past six weeks or so, I have been pestered by someone (who later said he was with EDF), trying to give me a quote. To shut him up (rather than hanging up on him) I said give me a quote then.

He could not understand why I didn't like his quote: it was £55.00 more per month than I currently pay.

In the interim, I too did the comparisons with other suppliers using annual consumption figures. Uswitch came up with the cheapest as the Co-op. Problem is that they too wanted £35.00 more per month than I pay now.

I renewed with Eon, who have been consistently cheaper over the years than any of the others. We always take a fixed tariff for one year with them. Although from tomorrow they want an increase in the direct debit. But still cheaper than other suppliers.

We get regular updates from Eon. Whenever they bring out a new tariff, they email us. In the past, we have changed three times in one year as their new rates were better. They still tell us even if the tariff is higher. The email says just stay where you are, you are getting the best deal.

Whilst, on the face of it, this bulk buying seems attractive I am rather sceptical about any prices they may come up with. So I will stick with checking the suppliers myself.



Possible Reduction of UK Energy Bills
Had a result this morning. I won't benefit personally but others might. This is a copy of the message.

Excellent news, we've managed to get two great winning tariffs. They are both exclusive and could save you a lot of money. Compare prices or read on for more info:

The main winner is from EDF, a major supplier with a 5-star service rating.
Its price is fixed for 1 year and costs just £938 – beating every other tariff from the Big Six available right now*
Switch to it and you'll beat the price rises and get a great rate
For those of you who wish to fix their bills for longer, we also have a market beating 2 year fixed winner from Green Star Energy. This is cheaper than any other two year fix right now**
Both tariffs are available to existing EDF and Green Star customers as well as new ones

Compare and switch here, or we can do the comparison and forms for you on 0800 988 7024 (Mon-Fri 9-8. Sat & Sun 9-5)

Price Rises Update

npower and ScottishPower have announced price rises of 9.8% and 7.8% respectively in the last few weeks.
Limited Availability

WARNING - the winning tariffs are only available to a limited number of people. They could sell out quickly so we urge you to move fast.

Compare and Switch at 0800 988 7024

or do it online


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Possible Reduction of UK Energy Bills
Ukraine Business News.png

Storms and strong winds in Europe have brought down the gas price by 40%.

The high winds boosted wind generation, and cut gas prices in Europe by a third from Tuesday's all-time high over the past two days. The contribution of wind generation to electricity generation in Europe rose to 13.8% on Thursday from 7.1%. Last week, the contribution of windmills to electricity generation in Europe averaged 13.7%. On Thursday, gas trading ("day ahead" contract) on the TTF ended at $1,485 per thousand cubic meters after $1,997 on Wednesday and a record $2,138 per thousand cubic meters on Tuesday.

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