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Poolside bar and restaurant
Hi everyone. we have an apartment in Orkide and have guests arriving on sunday, was just wondering if the poolside bar and restaurant is open yet:thanks:carol dawson


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Poolside bar and restaurant
Hi Carol

I know the restaurant is now serving snaks and that the bar is open. I do have a menu sent from Darlene to be attached to the next edition of the very popular and read by many, Yasmin Gardener Newsletter. Contact me on and I will send you a copy of issue 1

LOL Derek and Sandie Olivia D6
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Poolside bar and restaurant
Juste come back from our nice place in Yasmin Garden, everything was amazing , nice clean , very good restaurant close the big swimming pool, pizza is like italians and hmhmhm, we met some new people ant thank you to Murad Darlen and all the staff for all the things they do for us ....

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