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Poached Quince with Honey, Banana & Cream

Quinces 4 pc Apple 1 pc Currants 100 gr Water 8 cups Sugar 6 cups Honey 4 tablespoon Bananas 4 Cream 8 tablespoon Chopped walnuts 4 tablespoon

Preparation :peel quinces, halve and carve centers. Mix water and 5 cups sugar, put quinces in, simmer covered, until quinces are tender. Grate apple, cook with currants, 1 cup sugar and cinnoman. Put quinces on tray put filling on top. Bake in 180 C oven for 10-15 minutes. Put quinces onto seperate plates, slice bananas and divide each plate. Put cream on bananas in small pcs, sprinkle walnuts, pour honey on top. Serve cold.

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