please can you help me translate
askimin sahanesi seni cooook ozledim yanimdayken farkinda olamadim uzgunum amaseni unutamiyacagim seni cok cooook opuyorum askim

the first message i sent begining was missed off

please can some kind sole translate to english

many thanks


please can you help me translate
To my splendid love I miss you loads I don't notice when you're with me i'm sorry but i'm not going to be able to forget you im kissing you loads my love.

My beautiful little friend translated that for my - Mandyush's daughter
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please can you help me translate
My wonderful love.
I miss you so much.
I didn't realise when you were with me but,I'm sorry , I will not forget you.

Kissing you lot and lots, my love .

That's the best I can do without the beginning and the punctuation - I think he likes you tho' !!!!!!!

Snap,Gail !!
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please can you help me translate
thank you all for your speedy reply, i m learning turkish and not very good

thanks once again for all your help.

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