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This morning the drone set off to Drax Power station over the fields.
Then, on the way back it captured some footage of LNER's London Edinburgh trains on the East Coast Line.
Then, it got scorchio !!
IMG-20220811-WA0004.jpg IMG-20220811-WA0005.jpg IMG-20220811-WA0003.jpg IMG-20220811-WA0002.jpg


African Refugee
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Last night, after a 3 hour flight delay, the strange veggie journo daughter still managed to find a bar open in Dublin for a pint of Guinness.
Today, she found a book shop and bought 4. Then, went to another bar for another pint of Guinness.
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So nice to see members posting family pics, IMO a great pity that the gallery section was never re-instituted.


Pictures Corner
Today, the drone was out in high winds, so didn't venture too far or too high.
Amazon have now put their signage up, so we are going to send a message to Mr Bezos.
Will he reply?


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Today, with only a gentle breeze and excellent GPS the drone set off from base, along the canal, then flew a couple of miles to Mr Bezos' place to count his solar panels on his roof before flying back under the cumulus clouds which were at 400feet/120M.



Grey wisdom
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Behind us is a forest leading up to a mountain. The road to the top is 12km. In summer there is a small pide & drinks shack (Tis in fact our closest restaurant) . A steep climb of about 700m leads to a place of pilgrimage. The views are spectacular. Photos taken by a visitor on a mobile phone:-

Camdag 5 2022 red.jpg

Camdag 6 2022 red.jpg

camdag1 2022 red.jpg

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