Picking up German TV
Now I know that most people on this site are looking to receive UK channels, or, at least, English language channels, but is there anyone out there who knows if you can pick up German TV?
I've got a subscription to Digiturk, which last year offered me "Pro7" & "ZDF" from Germany. Pro7 is to my mind "cr*p on a stick" and ZDF is no longer on offer. I have the usual Digiturk dish, but can I point it in some other direction and receive German TV?

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Picking up German TV
Yes you can pick up loads of German language channels for free.
Or if you pay a subscription you can pick up premium film and sports channels.
The astra group of satellites at 19.2°East is what you are after, any satellite dealer will locate it for you and you don't need a huge dish either :biggrin1:
Here's the channnel detail
Astra 1F/1H/1KR/1L/1M at 19.2°E - LyngSat

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Picking up German TV
Grt. Tkx for the info. Will chat up Stefan from Bosis in Bodders next time I'm out. Can't see the point paying for a Digiturk sub that only gives me BBC Prime, the 50's/60's music and Bloomberg News that I'm interested in.....
Oh.................. And the odd Turkish Footy match..............

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