Pfizer Vaccine.?
Rumour has it that one of the side effects it that it makes you a little horse.
Not horse..... but would worry if you're arms start to reach the ground and you start sprouting hair ...

Oxford COVID-19 vaccine works​

The ChAdOx1 vaccine is a chimpanzee adenovirus vaccine vector. This is a harmless, weakened adenovirus that usually causes the common cold in chimpanzees.

Pfizer Vaccine.?
I fully intend to step up and get the jab if/when offered. Give it time & the media will start looking for the failures only & no doubt there will be some.
The best of the best have worked on this virus from all corners of the planet, these bods don't want notoriety for what they do, their pleasure comes from just "cracking the code". I've no doubt though, some quite deservedly will be honored for their efforts.

A thought, from my wife.
Schools back in the day, it was a line outside nursey, nursey's room for any jab. Surely schools will be one of the easier target for mass vaccination if that system is applied?

Nonetheless, its still down to Joe or Jo Public to play a major part in this viruses defeat. We do a news report from a town & in the background you can see loads of people roaming around without a mask on. You look at clips from abroad & just everyone wears them.
Pfizer Vaccine.?
Here in Bulgaria.

We are being told that on the day that you are due to be Vaccinated, you have to refrain for 24hrs previous, from CHOCOLATE, EGGS & ALCOHOL..?!?!? Not too sure where the Bulgarian Doctors here, have got that from..??

Has anyone else out there, read or seen this advice elsewhere please..?? (Not too sure my Wife can do, the refrain from Choccy bit).

They also say say, there's NO Need for an Allergy Test, prior to being Vaccinated,?


Pfizer Vaccine.?
Read recently where the vaccinations in Israel produced 100+ COVID infections...
More than 50% of Californa health care workers have decided against being vaccinated, preferrig instead to take their chances with being infected... (!!!)..
Pfizer Vaccine.?
This was reported in the BG Press this morning, regarding the Pfizer Vaccination programme that has begun now, here in Bulgaria.

A total of FIVE Cases of Adverse Reactions to Covid-19 vaccines have already been reported, said Bogdan Kirilov, Executive Director of the Bulgarian Drug Agency (BDA), for the morning program of bTV.

"In nearly 5,000 vaccinated individuals, we have Just FIVE Cases of minimal Side Effects reported– in two men and three women between the ages of 29 and 53," he explained. In his words, three of the reactions were pain and redness at the site of vaccine jab, in one case muscle aches and fever were reported, and one of the women reported dizziness and heart palpitations, which was transient. "These reactions are expectable, they agree with vaccine characteristics and are related to its effect," Kirilov added.
Pfizer Vaccine.?
Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine appears effective against mutation in new Covid-19 variants - New Study.

Pfizer and BioNTech's Covid-19 vaccine appeared to work against a key mutation in the highly transmissible new variants of the coronavirus discovered in the UK and South Africa, according to a laboratory study conducted by the US drugmaker.


Pfizer Vaccine.?
Everyday it seems Im reading of additional people dying from this vaccine... almost immediately upon receivig it...

The virus itself does not kill that quickly...

Also note this vaccine is of a never before used or tested technology... and the tme they tested it is so short....

Works by modification of RNA and thus DNA (?)...

So taking it is effectively mutating your DNA...

Thus you become a 'GMO' ...genetically modified organism... ( I KID YOU NOT)

How is that producing such rapid fatalities...?
Pfizer Vaccine.?
I've just had my Russian Sputnik V, COVID/19 jab, earlier today.

And have since seen a major improvement in my WIFI signal.

And, as an added bonus, I am now able to change Channels on the TV without the Remote Control...
Pfizer Vaccine.?
Just heard there’s a geeza down Borough market, selling Oxford vaccinations for £2 each...

or 3 for a Pfizer..!
Pfizer Vaccine.?
Went for a walk past a Farm with my Girlfriend and we saw 2 Dogs Mating.

She said: "How does the Male know when the Female is ready for Sex"..???

I replied: "He can Smell when she is Ready. That's how Nature works."

We then walked past a Sheep Field and the Ram was Mating the Ewe.

Again my Girlfriend asked: "How does the Ram knew when the Ewe is ready for Sex"..???

I replied: "It's Nature. He can Smell she is Ready."

We then went past another Pasture and the Bull was Mating with the Cow.

My Girlfriend said: "This is Odd. They are really going at it.

Surely the Bull can't Smell when she is Ready"..??

I said: "Oh, Yes; it's Nature. All Animals can Smell when the Female is ready for Sex."

Anyway, after the walk, I dropped her at home and kissed her goodbye.

She said: "Take care and get yourself Tested for Covid-19."

Surprised, "Why do you say that"..??? I asked her.


She replied: "Cos, you've seem to have Lost your Sense of Smell.
Pfizer Vaccine.?
Confused 1f937_200d_2642.png 1f937_200d_2642.png 1f937_200d_2642.png 1f937_200d_2642.png 1f937_200d_2642.png 1f937_200d_2642.png

Hmmmm 1f914.png 1f914.png 1f914.png 1f914.png 1f914.png

According to the UK Government...

If I get Vaccinated: 1f489.png 1f489.png 1f489.png

1.- Can I stop wearing the mask?

Government Response - No

2.- Can they reopen restaurants, bars etc and everyone work normally?

Government Response - No

3.- Will I be resistant to COVID.??

Government Response - Maybe, but we don't know exactly, it probably won't stop you getting it

4.- At least I won't be contagious to others anymore?

Government Response - No you can still pass it on, possibly, nobody knows.

5.- If we vaccinate all children, will school resume normally?

Government Response - No

6.- If I am vaccinated, can I stop social distancing?

Government Response - No

7.- If I am vaccinated, can I stop disinfecting my hands?

Government Response - No

8.- If I vaccinate myself and my grandfather, can we hug each other?

Government Response - No

9.- Will cinemas, theatres and stadiums be reopened thanks to vaccines?

Government Response - No

10.- Will the vaccinated be able to gather?

Government Response - No

11.- What is the real benefit of vaccination?

Government Response - The virus won't kill you.

12.- Are you sure it won't kill me?

Government Response - No

13.- If statistically the virus won't kill me anyway ... Why would I get vaccinated?"

Government Response - To protect others.

14.- So if I get vaccinated, the others are 100% sure I'm not infecting them?

Government Response - No

So to summarise, the Covid19 vaccine...

Does not give immunity.

Does not eliminate the virus.

Does not prevent death.

Does not guarantee you won’t get it.

Does not prevent you from getting it.

Does not stop you passing it on

Does not eliminate the need for travel bans.

Does not eliminate the need for business closures.

Does not eliminate the need for lockdowns.

Does not eliminate the need for masking.

So... what the heck is it actually doing? 1f926_1f3fc_200d_2642.png

(Just posting the other side of the argument).
Pfizer Vaccine.?

More bad news is about to be announced I'm afraid.

The first vaccine for Covid/19 may soon run out as global demand increases exponentially...

The "Pfizer Chiefs" have said,

"They Predict a Riot"..
Pfizer Vaccine.?
Vaccine skepticism hurts East European Anti-Virus efforts.

BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — Vaccines from the West, Russia or China? Or none at all? That dilemma faces nations in southeastern Europe, where coronavirus vaccination campaigns are off to a slow start — overshadowed by heated political debates and conspiracy theories. In countries like the Czech Republic, Serbia, Bosnia, Romania and Bulgaria, vaccine skeptics have included former presidents and even some doctors. Serbian tennis champion Novak Djokovic was among those who said he did not want to be forced to get inoculated. False beliefs that the coronavirus is a hoax or that vaccines would inject microchips into people have spread in the countries that were formerly under harsh Communist rule. Those who once routinely underwent mass inoculations are deeply split over whether to get the vaccines at all.
“There is a direct link between support for conspiracy theories and skepticism toward vaccination,” a recent Balkan study warned. “A majority across the region does not plan to take the vaccine, a ratio considerably lower than elsewhere in Europe, where a majority favors taking the vaccine.” Only about 200,000 people applied for the vaccine in Serbia, a country of 7 million, in the days after authorities opened the procedure. By contrast, 1 million Serbians signed up for 100 euros ($120) on the first day the government offered the pandemic aid. Hoping to encourage vaccinations, Serbian officials have gotten their shots on TV. Yet they themselves have been split over whether to get the Western-made Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine or Russia’s Sputnik V, more divisions in a country that is formally seeking European Union membership but where many favor closer ties with Moscow.
Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on Saturday greeted a shipment of 1 million doses of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine, saying he will receive a shot to show that it is safe. “Serbs prefer the Russian vaccine,” read a recent headline of the Informer, a pro-government tabloid, as officials announced that 38% of those who have applied to take the shots favor the Russian vaccine, while 31% want the Pfizer-BioNTech version — a rough division among pro-Russians and pro-Westerners in Serbia. In neighboring Bosnia, a war-torn country that remains ethnically divided among Serbs, Bosniaks and Croats, politics also are a factor, as the Serb-run half appeared set to opt for the Russian vaccine, while the Bosniak-Croat part likely will turn to the Western ones. Sasa Milovanovic, a 57-year-old real estate agent from Belgrade, sees all vaccines as part of the “global manipulation” of the pandemic. “People are locked up, they have no lives any longer and live in a state of hysteria and fear,” he said.
Djokovic has said he was against being forced to take a coronavirus vaccine in order to travel and compete but was keeping his mind open. The top-ranked tennis player and his wife tested positive in June after a series of exhibition matches with zero social distancing that he organized in the Balkans. They and their foundation have donated 1 million euros ($1.1 million) to buy ventilators and other medical equipment for hospitals in Serbia.
Serbian Health Ministry official Mirsad Djerlek has described the vaccine response as “satisfactory,” but cautioned on the state-run RTS broadcaster that “people in rural areas usually believe in conspiracy theories, and that is why we should talk to them and explain that the vaccine is the only way out in this situation.” A study by the Balkans in Europe Policy Advisory Group, published before the regional vaccination campaign started in December, concluded that virus conspiracy theories are believed by nearly 80% of citizens of the Western Balkan countries striving to join the EU. About half of them will refuse to get vaccinated, it said.
Baseless theories allege the virus isn’t real or that it’s a bioweapon created by the U.S. or its adversaries. Another popular falsehood holds that Microsoft founder Bill Gates is using COVID-19 vaccines to implant microchips in the planet's 7 billion people.

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