Peyda Aqua
A warning to those who are going to the Peyda Aqua this summer, we booked a holiday with On The Beach ( Med Hotels ) to the Peyda Aqua, for 5 days we had no hot water, the stairwell was not lit and the ant population of Altinkum lived on the same floor as us, " teknik " guy came on the second day to look at the hot water problem, he ran the tap and said........" no hot water " he then went to the roof came back and again ran the water.........ok he said I come back 10 minutes, after 2 hours we went to ask what was happening..........teknik guy gone home the laughing boy at reception said.........fix tomorrow......... tomorrow came and went as did two other days
The reception was unmanned every night we came back to the place.....we actually went behind reception searched for a pen and paper and left notes for laughing boy nearly everynight.
we followed the complaints procedure to the letter, but the number given for the agent in Bodrum was " unavailable " we had several people try the number to no avail, even the fax was unavailable, the transfer rep was more than helpful and he came and witnessed the conditions we had put up with.
We moved to the Esra and paid the extra........we did give the Peyda Aqua every opportunity to rectify the problems but no-one was interested.
We are frequent visitors to Turkey and are aware that some places are a little less than ideal places to stay..........we understand that, especially for some of the cheap prices you can pay for a two week holiday, this is just a warning........I hope that they get their act together as the place it's self would be ok if you had hot water on demand and lights to see where you are going etc.....etc. but I fear this is one place that will come up again and again for all the wrong reasons


Recycled Teenager
Peyda Aqua
I was tempted to try this place, as it can be booked for only £5. a night per apartment through some internet sites, but was strongly warned against it, in their words "it is a dump".


linda and terry
Peyda Aqua
the Esras a nice plce though we stayed there last year we also looked on the web last year about the PEYDA AQUA realy bad reviews

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