Petition To Protest About The Property Buying Process In Turkey
Thanks Esther anything to try and stop it. Recently staying in Akbuk we went back and forwards to Didum and met many who were caught in this. Complexes that workmenship by builders that was truly horrific and those who have been conned worse than what we were. Thank god we have all our papers in place and Tapu and can move on now but for those others that I met and to those I know personally keep fighting it can happen and Esther all the best for the next hearing.


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Petition To Protest About The Property Buying Process In Turkey
Good luck with the petition, hope it will create awareness and seek clarification in the buying process for foreigners.

I recall the ripped off site had a petition too almost 2 years ago, also with similar number of signatures 600+.

Where is this current petition being sent to?

There seriously needs some code of practice set up that builders, emlaks sign up to (and I don't mean AIPP, what a waste of print logo that is!) and all due diligence already done and cleared by sellers maybe something like a HIPS pack sellers do in U.K for selling properties. There needs to be guarantees built into the buying process especially off-plan new builds that attract foreign buyers like magnets. There should be no ifs or buts relying on agreement of builder to ipotek, that protection needs to be built in, even if means paying a small sum e.g 500 lira at the start to have all this in place. Until some standardised process is set in place with co-operation of council, builders, emlaks etc I sense this can carry on a long time and just ends up leaving a frustrating set of people fed up with Turkey and a bad taste. It's not too late to put this right, but it needs co-operation from all parties involved.

All the best with the petition really hope it alerts someone.


Petition To Protest About The Property Buying Process In Turkey
Hi Esther
Thanks for putting this link on , I have signed i don,t care who knows.s have sent the link to freinds and am sure it will be past on to many ,many ,many more, buyers and non buyers.

tae care Esther KALE (yvonne )xx

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