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Pedestrian right of way.
Maybe I'll get the same level of ridicule as TSP forum here, hopefully not:

I'd like to know if pedestrians have right of way at pedestrian crossings - obviously in 'reality' nobody cares but I haven't found anything online yet saying what's supposed to happen, should people obey the rules (in imaginationland of course)

Pedestrian right of way.
No ridicule intended!!

If you are at a crossroad type junction, I think that when the green man comes on it means that traffic should stop at the lights either to your right or left, but traffic can go if turning into the road. However, as half of the drivers completely ignore lights anyway I wait for the green man and scrurry across the road, looking both ways as I do so as someone is often driving on the wrong side of the road anyway.

Just take it that the green man is probably only for decoration only!!

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Pedestrian right of way.
In law pedestrians probably do have the right of way.

In seven years only one driver has stopped tolet me cross the road.

As already mentioned don't put 100% trust in the green man and always look both ways all the way across the road.


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Pedestrian right of way.
It is my opinion that as a pedestrian, you do indeed have 'right of way' at a pedestrian crossing - even in Turkey!

1. This is clear and simple at a light-controlled pedetrian crossing, where you should only cross when the lights are in your favour - as in the UK.

2. If you are talking about a 'zebra crossing' (without lights), then you still have the 'right of way' however, it takes a lot of nerve to exercise this right, as it requires you to step off the payment into oncoming traffic - Turkish drivers will not slow down prior to you stepping off the kerb.

I believe that were there to be an accident at any of the above crossings, then the driver would be the guilty party subject to traffic law.


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Pedestrian right of way.
Well, as a driver I've learnt NOT to stop at pedestrian crossings, unless I want to be tail-gated !


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Pedestrian right of way.
It's also the law that crashhelmets are compulsory for motorcyclists! :dooh:



Pedestrian right of way.
I always give the pedestrian the right away......when i am walking i expect the right away, and quite frankly I DONT CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE BEHIND ME, I HAVE GOTTEN INTO CONFRONTATIONS ABOUT IT TOO...
it is common courtesy for crying out loud. never mind that it is the law.

people learn from seeing other people do it.......

just like putting your grocery cart in the cart corral.....god that used to piss me off, people leaving their grocery cart willy nilly in the parking lot, and you have to move it cause its blocking your car in......my biggest pet peeve while shopping. oh yea...and parking in a handicapped space and you are able bodied.........dont even get me started on that one......i dont really know what the turks think those signs are with the wheel chair in them......but they seem to think they can just pull in.........kind of like in the banks in the old days, there was never a line, everyone crowded at the counter, and the tellers would just be soooo frazzled, and I would alway kind of stand back and try to form a line, people would just go right in front of me, when i got to the counter, people would jostle their way right up in my butt, finally i learned to be vocal and say (luckily fluent turkish) hey...;do you see that i am standing here? i am next, do you think you can just walk in and get to the line first, what am i doing here? am i a tree making roots (turkish expression) do i look like an idiot?????? then they would apologize and geture for me to go in front of the,m. but then,.......they installed the numbering system a couple of years ago, or maybe it was longer, i cant remember. but look how it is now. they jut didnt know....it sstarted with the foreign banks HSBC first, soon they all followed.......

the learning process is by example.........

so let's be careful out there......and show them how its done.

as they say in turkish "damla damla gol olur" drop by drop the lake is made.....

just my opinion, take it with a grain of salt...........

dont mean to offend anyone


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Pedestrian right of way.
Common courtesy goes a long way in strengthening a society,but arrogant behaviour will only deterriate the community that leads to conflicts.
Your absolutely right Pebble.We must show them how it is done.
Pedestrian right of way.
Call me selfish, but my tender flesh and bones versus something hard and metallic............

But officer/St Peter, I was within my rights!
Pedestrian right of way.
We have just had whıte lınes paınted ın the mıddle off the road here ın Gumusluk,only most drıvers ues them lıke tram lınes and follow them strıght centre.

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