Pebbles Birthday.
I only knew Pebbles briefly but enjoyed her posts,also thinking of her . jewel x
Pebbles Birthday.
İ still cant believe she is not with us.
even in her last days she still gave me support for Alan and emailed people all round the globe and publicised his plight. She was sending me messages to lift my morale right up until her own last days.
İ still have her emails and messages to me and it breaks my heart when İ think of her and some of the lively discussions we had about all sorts of things.

She was a wonderful woman and didnt just pay lip service she actually did things for people...and even though she has gone her giving is still going on in the form of the Pebble Jackson Project.
Pebbles Birthday.
I,m also thinking of her today.
The plant I bought in her memory is flourishing and gives me so much pleasure. I call it Miss Pebble :)
You know, I can,t bear to delete her from my Facebook Friends.

Will light a candle for you tonight Pebble sweetheart.

Soo x

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