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Patrol Boats Collide
A Greek government official says a Turkish coast guard patrol boat collided with a Greek patrol boat off a contested Aegean Sea islet, but there were no injuries or serious damage.




Patrol Boats Collide
Talk about "Much Ado About Nothing" although one could hardly call Greece and Turkey a pair of lovers!!

With the dire state of the Greek economy I would have thought that they would have far more pressing things to worry about than this!


Patrol Boats Collide
For once the Bodrum journo's didn't take the bait, but went and asked the ones who know- the Gumusluk fishermen...guess what- NOTHING happened (that they know of)...
They said they are out around Kardak everyday -* cos thats where the fish are this time of the year, they share their bread with the Greek fishermen..' we are brothers'.....

Some sort of Greek media beat-up?


Patrol Boats Collide
Yupp I know this is sort of a bump but I didnt notice this thread as I havent been active on the Internet in a while..

Anyway I got a few pictures from all these Patrol boat incidents

This might sound childish but I laughed pretty hard at this one.


Our rather small Patrol boat playing around with a larger Hellenic Navy ship :)

And these two are the two different Coast Guards patrolling on eachothers side of the border



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