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I know this is a forum for Kalkan but as it is close to Patara can anyone tell me anything about Patara? For example, hotels (accomodation in general), nightlife (if any!) restaurants, bars, shops and most of all would you go there? I have been to Oludeniz twice and love the place, spent a day at Kabak beach, which is pure solitude. But would like something inbetween and I like what I have read about Patara. We are in our early 50's, not too worried about karaoke bars or wild night life :lol:


The beach at Patara is fantastic - a great day out, and there are some interesting ruins there too if thats your thing. However, with regards to spending a week or so in Patara it did seem very, very quiet when we were there in summer (only for a day). Its much smaller than Olu Deniz and only has a handful of restaurants for nightlife.

Why not try Kalkan? Much more to do than Patara but still quite low key in terms of evening entertainment (lots of restaurants and a few bars). Plus its only 20 mins on the bus to Patara so you can visit and get the best of both worlds.


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Hello there Sophia.
I have holidayed in Patara 4 or five times and stayed at the Apollon Hotel which was always clean and friendly it is close to the centre but up a short steep hill.
I have heard that the Lighthouse Hotel in the village is good but not tried it.
There are several Bars in the village and on the road to the beach where there is a bar I understand that it is now run by locals and not the big hotel Merinam.
You could eat in a different restaurant each night as there are about 8 or 10.
Not been for a couple of years but the last time I visited Patara I took a bus from Fetihiye and as I was walking down the lane to Patara a car passed me then stopped and I was given a lift to the village by the owner of the Apollon. he recognised me though I had not been there for two years.
There is/was a music bar and music in some eateries.
I have only visited in May and october and there may be more going on June to Sept.
The Beach and Ruins are spectacular.


Patara is one of Turkeys best beaches but, I have been there a number of times and found the sea was just to rough to swim safely in. On a jeep safari there last year we formed a chain to help people get out of the sea as the undercurrent was so strong.
Maybe other members can report better times as I don't intentionally want to give it a big no no.......but be careful.

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