Passport access in Turkey
Can anyone give me the leagl requirements regarding passports in Turkey.

Now I accept that on entering and exiting the country my passport will be checked and stamped. Who else has a legal right to see or retain my passport (or copies of) while staying in Turkey....

If staying at an hotel are they legally allowed to check my passport? are they allowed legally to retain my passport until I depart?

If I own property do the sitesi management have a right to have details of my passport and or copies of it?

If renting an apartment do the on-site security have a right to see of retain my passport until departure?

Should I have to produce my passport at the local `police station` if staying in an area on holiday? regardless if owning , renting or hotel.

legal facts regarding this appreciated.


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Passport access in Turkey
are they allowed legally to retain my passport until I depart

Yes they are legally required to check your passport.

No they aren't legally allowed to retain it. You are required to carry your passport at all times and produce it on demand to a Polis Officer, member of the Jandarma and several other officials. Everyone in Turkey is required to carry some official form of identifictaion at all times.
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Passport access in Turkey
hotels and other places where you are staying are legally bound to take your passport and enter details...they can take a day or two. Hotels are regularly inspected by Police and Jandarma ..this happens in every country.
There are many places that may need your passport details and a photocopy of your personal details.
You dont have to produce your passport at the local police station
Although holding on to it longer than necessary is not right..and you should always have a receipt if someone has your passport for any length of time.


Passport access in Turkey
KKOB is right, any hotel will ask for your passport on arrival as they have to register you.

He is also so right in saying that everyone in Turkey must carry some form of ID at all times.
We made a colour photo copy of our passports when we first came and got them laminated. We used these to carry around so there was no chance of losing the original passports. We were only asked for ID once, on the Fethiye/Olu Deniz dolmus, when stopped by the Gendarma at Ovacik and our copies were quite acceptable.


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Passport access in Turkey
If the nice man in uniform and the white rubber gloves asks you to see your passport remember to smile as you proffer it.


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