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Passionflower to Sausage King
I wonder if anyone else has such a widely travelled plant as my passionflower.
It originated in the UK in my sister in laws garden. She took a cutting to her villa in france, we had a holiday there and I was so impressed with the plant that I took a cutting, put it in a bottle of water, wedge it in the car and then we drove the length of France up to Belgium and after a couple of day, across to the uk and Bournemouth. There I planted it in my garden and it grew. When we moved I took a cutting and that also grew. When we bought our villa I brought over a cutting in May and planted it in the garden and asked the next door neighbour to water it. We came back in September, he hadn't watered it but I had planted it right by our water tank which had a small leak so the plant survived. The following January we moved out here permanently and the passionflower has grown and grown to such an extent that my nice Turkish neighbours want cuttings and comment on its beauty. It is so big that it is like a hedge and grows backwards and forwards on wire across the garden and along wires above the fence. Honeysuckle, Jasmine and Bougainvillea have intermingled.

As many of you know my son Greg The Sausage King, has moved to Ankara and he wanted a cutting. Today he is opening his new venture in Ankara a Deli/Bistro type cafe and what has he got - my passionflower decorating the archway into the garden at the shop.



Passionflower to Sausage King
Thats a great story Rosewall1- the passion of flowers! Hope it all goes well in Ankara today!


Passionflower to Sausage King
All the best from us to, can I have a cutting please.

Hope all goes well with Greg, wish him luck from us.
See you soon


Passionflower to Sausage King
Is it a white passionflower? I had one when I lived in England, was really beautiful, not as hardy as the purple passionflower - but would do well here in Turkey as long as its roots are out of the sun I would think .....

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