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Party political NHS stance
Polls suggest the NHS will be the key issue in the next election.
Let's hear some party policies:

Labour: "NHS! Our NHS! Your NHS! My NHS! NHS!"
Conservatives: "..... I'm with BUPA."
Lib Dems: "I of course, firmly support the NHS ever since I made up my mind about it last week. But it's so unaffordable..."
UKIP: "More like Notional Health Service hur hur hur. F*ck it, I'm off to the pub."
Greens: "The NHS should be mandatory for everyone. Always. Even if you're not sick."
SNP: "The NHS is a conspiracy by the Westminster elite to allow Scottish people to live past the age of forty."
BNP: "Wait, the phone rang! THE PHONE RANG!"
Plaid Cymru: "We support the NHS. Because it has no vowels."

My advice? Don't get sick.

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