Panorama, Geris
I would like to visit the Panorama but Now that Im not there I cant picture where it is.we have only been to our place in geris a couple of times so have a lot of exploring to do! is it walking distance from say the cimentepe or would it be worth getting a taxi from the rank near the fish restaurants?
Panorama, Geris
greensman01 said:
the Cimantepe is in geris alti (lower Geris!) would definitely need a taxi up there!
Thanks Greensman,
We have had several holidays in Yalikavak but have only spent about 17 days in our apartment in Geris,most of that shopping etc! I must admit I thought the area with Sait, Cimantepe etc was all there is to Geris other than houses. Do we have a lot to explore?
Panorama, Geris
Geris is a small hilltop village perhaps a couple of miles by road from the fish restaurants area along the sea shore. You would have to travel up the hill past the Cimantepe (away from Yalikavak) cross the junction at the top and go along the road for about half a mile till it widens out at a forked junction. The right fork goes down the hill and then up the other side towards Gumuskaya and eventually Gumusluk and then Turgetreis. The left fork goes away up the hill to the village of Geris , at the top you come into a tiny square - for the panorama take the left hand(and very narrow) road cum passageway and follow your nose and the signs for about half a mile to the car park at the end. The restaurant terrace overlooks where you have come from ie Geris Alte (or Geris-by-the-sea !!) . The dolmus minibus service from Yali goes past the Cimantepe area and up to Geris. The village is also worth a look round if only for the views back over the town - good luck and bon appetit!
Panorama, Geris
cheers Greensman,
my next visit is in July with a girl friend so I will let you know if we make it up the hill. If not it will be September when fendouglas & I return:)


Panorama, Geris
Whereabouts did you buy Miss M? I think we are classed as being in Geris but we don't have to go to the top of a hill to get there!
Panorama, Geris
Cally, we are in Geris Yaka near the Simge apartments just 5 mins up a little track behind the Maddona (or back along the main road from the Benny hotel )

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