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Pakistan Cricket Pair Guilty Of Betting Scam
Former Pakistan cricket captain Salman Butt and bowler Mohammad Asif have been found guilty of conspiring to fix parts of last summer's Lord's Test against England.
Butt, 27, and 28-year-old fast bowler Asif plotted to bowl deliberate no-balls in the match as part of a lucrative betting scam.
The pair were caught after an undercover reporter recorded UK-based sports agent Mazhar Majeed, 36, boasting of how he could arrange for Pakistan cricketers to rig games for money.
Majeed claimed he had been arranging such scams for two-and-a-half years and had made "masses and masses of money".He spoke of the advantages of "grooming" younger cricketers to work with him and bragged he had seven players in Pakistan's national side helping him with the schemes.
And he also discussed deliberately losing the Oval Test match against England last summer for more than a million dollars.
The scandal emerged after the News of the World's former investigations editor, Mazher Mahmood, approached Majeed in August.
He pretended to be a wealthy Indian businessman seeking major international cricketers for a tournament.
The agent was secretly filmed accepting £150,000 in cash from the journalist as part of an arrangement to rig games.
Majeed promised the reporter that Asif and fellow fast bowler Mohammad Amir, 19, would deliver three no-balls at specific points during the Lord's Test between Pakistan and England last year.
The no-balls were bowled exactly as promised. The probability of someone predicting this by chance was estimated by a cricket statistician as 1.5m to one.

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Pakistan Cricket Pair Guilty Of Betting Scam
Who paid for the trial????? If its the UK tax payer then the sentences were too light.


Pakistan Cricket Pair Guilty Of Betting Scam
if the reporter should pay- he won the bet and was presumeably paid--maybe on odds of 1,5m to one at 150k he won big!

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Pakistan Cricket Pair Guilty Of Betting Scam
As my well loved and long deceased father-in-law would have said,

''This is just NOT cricket my friend!'' :wow:

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