P.C.Bill Barker
Last Friday, P.C.Bill Barker was on duty diverting traffic away from the Northside Bridge, NR. Workington, Cumbria.
The Bridge collapsed, plunging him into the fast flowing River Derwent.
As most people on here will be aware, Cumbria has suffered more than other
counties during the recent and ongoing severe weather.
This Officer lost his life.
He was also a Family Liason Officer, how ironic this man now has a fellow Officer helping his own family.
His colleagues, when interviewed on T.V. News, describe him as an inspiration.
Bill and his wife have two daughters and two sons.
The following OPEN letter, was written by his youngest daughter,
Emma, aged 8

Thank you everyone for giving cards to me and my family and supporting us by giving us flowers, hugs and kisses.
It has been a disaster over the last few days for my family and me,
and people have been making dinner for our family.
The nice people have been coming to see my mum and all our family as well
as my Gran.
My dog Sam, went over to my dad's shoes and smelt them,then lay down beside them.
I have about 500 cards and all of them make me feel better.
Eleven people have come today as they love my family and,
before i go, Thank You for the cards.
Love from Emma.

Not only will this young Ladies Family be very proud of her, I think her
School Teachers will also.

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