Out n About with Hida & Stan Bafa Golu..
Bafa Golu...

Out and About With Hilda and Stan 11th April 2007 Bafa Golu (Camiici Golu) Here we are once again, out in the middle of nowhere. The first time we saw the lake we thought it was a mirage. It seemed to appear from thin air and stretched as far as we could see. After chatting to a local goat herder we discovered that it is a huge lake covering some 6,000ha. He went on to explain that it is called Bafa Golu and that in some places it is up to 20m deep. Apparently the water is quite saline which leads to a big variety of wildlife species, twitchers come from all over the world to see the bird life. We parked up for the day and set off to do some exploring. After walking along the shore for a while we spotted a pair of Great Tits and a Long Tailed Wagtail, this cheered Stan up no end as we had stumbled across the Naturist Camp. Oops! feeling rather overdressed we retreated and decided to hire a canoe and explore an Island, home to some interesting looking ruins. We paddled around (mainly in circles, due to the fact that Hilda cant a.) Follow instructions and b.)cant tell left from right!) and finally feeling like Hawkeye and Cinnacook (Last of the Mohican's) we fell out of the canoe onto the island foreshore. As we surveyed our new kingdom we heard a rustling in the undergrowth, panic ensued as Hilda had read somewhere that there were still wild bears living in Turkey. Stan, made of sterner stuff commented that living with Hilda had accustomed him to wrestling with wild bears. As we contemplated what to do next, a hairy head appeared from the bushes complete with the the biggest horns we had ever seen. Closer inspection revealed this to be the King of the Island a massive Billy Goat. Wanting to show his mettle, Stan waved his arms in the air and shouted, however the goat obviously did not speak English and stood his ground. Being British we decided that discretion was the better part of valour and made a rather undignified retreat back to the safety of the mainland. All in all Bafa Golu is a super place for either a day trip or a weekend away, its fun and interesting whatever your passions! Look out for further installments from Hilda and Stan in future editions...!!

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