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Our Friend Rainbow, Soo
I am so sorry to hear that our friend Rainbow, Soo is back in hospital. Soo was due to have Chemotherapy on Thursday, but due to adverse weather conditions, the appointment was cancelled. I have been informed that Soo is feeling rather poorly and extremely tired.. they are running some tests but have no results as yet... I want to wish her all my good wishes, as I'm sure her friends here would too.


Our Friend Rainbow, Soo
Thanks for letting us know SS, I hope Soo gets better soon and that people local to her will be able to visit her. I am wondering if her mother is still staying with her and if so how she is coping as she is elderly?


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Our Friend Rainbow, Soo
Very sad to hear this news Lesley I hope she is feeling better and she's out of hospital for christmas . But i'm sure she will be getting the very best of care
I send my wishes and a big cyber hug to Soo hope she is better soon and her cheery self again .............Diane


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Our Friend Rainbow, Soo
Soo, really sorry to hear you are unwell, sending you cyber hugs and best wishes for a speedy recovery. Diane xx


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Our Friend Rainbow, Soo
Best wishes for a speedy return to better health from me, too, Soo. I really do hope that you are back up and running again before Christmas.


Our Friend Rainbow, Soo
Get well soon Soo, good wishes for a speedy recovery, hope you are out of hospital and home really soon. Take care. Thanks Sunny for letting everyone know.


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Our Friend Rainbow, Soo
All my very best wishes to you Soo for a speedy recovery - from Merrie Olde England in the snow - and PS: I am still wearing the matching coconut watch that you and I have the same and think of you every time I check the time! xxx Angela xxx

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