Our dog Şakir - a tribute
I'm really sad to say that our wonderful dog Şakir was killed on the main road near our home a couple of nights ago (we think). We found his body this morning whilst searching the adjacent field. He was a fantastic dog. He'd suffered several car accidents in the past and survived. We took him on when he was a stray on our site last winter. At that time he was ravenous and had mange. We got him healthy again. He was loving, affectionate and a real companion. Although we only had him for a short space of time (9 months), he was much loved.


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Our dog Şakir - a tribute
I know how you feel mate. You get attached to them even after a very shortwhile.

It's never too soon to replace them though. Go out and find another one to help.


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Our dog Şakir - a tribute
Poor wee doggie

My sympathy to you

.Its hard to lose a pet you adore.


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Our dog Şakir - a tribute
You have my sympathy. I hope you soon find another companion.

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Our dog Şakir - a tribute
My sympathy goes out to you, it is so very sad as our dogs become part of our families, and to lose him in this way is so very sad. I know you cannot replace his character, and you will never forget him, he was so lucky to have lived so comfortably for his short life, I hope you find a new companion soon.



Our dog Şakir - a tribute
I am so so sorry Jakebeak, you have my sympathy, they become such an integral part of your life and family, I know you will miss him.

We lost our darling boxer Tess, not so long ago and she is missed sorely and daily!!!


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Our dog Şakir - a tribute
I am very sorry to hear this sad news . Give yourself a little while to come to terms with it . Then ..... Adopt another dog Theres so many in Turkey who need a loveing family and 1 of them will be your new friend for life Diane


Our dog Şakir - a tribute
Oh Jakebeak, how bl**dy well rotten!! I am sending my love as I do know exactly how you feel - hearbroken!!


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Our dog Şakir - a tribute
Very sad news, I would be heartbroken if it happened to any of mine.

Did he escape from your garden?


Our dog Şakir - a tribute
So sad - I am so sorry Please dont ever forget him but please do adopt another dog very soon


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Our dog Şakir - a tribute
Sad when you lose a special member of your family.

So Sorry for your loss



Our dog Şakir - a tribute
Pets become part of the family and are a great loss when you lose them.

I know how you feel.


Our dog Şakir - a tribute
Hi guys

Thanks very much for all your support. I'm gutted, but I know he had a good life with us, as short as it was. My husband has put a photo of him in a frame for us, but we will be getting another dog as soon as we are up to it. He was my first dog funnily enough. I've always had Siamese cats. We've got two here and they miss him as well. I'll post when we've got our new dog.

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