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Our awful experience with heaven tours yalikavak
We rented a mini bus from Heaven Tours in Yalikavak for 2 weeks last month as we had 5 friends over and had booked to visit Kas for 3 nights while they were here.
On our way to Kas we all smelt fuel and I noticed smoke under my friends seat in the back of the mini bus. We pulled over and saw smoke was belching out of the bonnet. We all jumped out as quickly as we could, grabbed as much of our luggage as possible and within 5 minutes there were flames coming out of the engine, another 5 minutes later the whole vehicle was ablaze.

We were all extremely shocked by what had happened and couldn't believe how lucky we were that none of us had been injured.

We contacted Taylan and he arrived with his business partner, the owner of the vehicle and no point did he ask how we were which really upset all of us. More so Kenny and I as we had used his company for the rental. We spent a total of 6 hours with the traffic police and at the Jandarma station and all Taylan was concerned about was that none of us made a complaint about his company to the Jandarma.
Once we arrived back to Yalikavak I asked Taylan how we should go about claiming for the luggage we did not manage to retrieve (this included clothes, a tablet and a Samsung Galaxy phone totalling £3000) and our hotel booking as there was no way we were going to make Kas that evening, only to be told
I said you're joking aren't you and he replied NO.
We are all very lucky to have come out of this uninjured and agree that the things which we lost are materialistic but none of us can not believe a company, which we have used many times over the last 6 years, have recommended to many people over the last 6 years can run a business like this.
What if we'd been injured? What is one of had died? What if there had been children in the vehicle? What then?
Please people be very careful when you use this company and check that there is insurance to cover for all eventualities. Even that short trip to your boat trip or to the waterpark or even the airport.
We were very lucky........ But the next person might not be!


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Our awful experience with heaven tours yalikavak
So lucky to be alive, this is absolutely shocking to read.

Glad you have highlighted it here and think all of us will ask to see insurance details of companies and if they exist servicing records before booking.

On another note, could you claim from your travel insurance for the loss of your goods and trauma.

Glad you all got out in time.

P.S Welcome to TLF just realised this is your first posting, wish it were in more more happier circumstances.


Our awful experience with heaven tours yalikavak
Glad you have highlighted it here and think all of us will ask to see insurance details of companies and if they exist servicing records before booking.

To add to that I came across a situation a couple of weeks back where the mini bus driver on a day trip was stopped by police and arrested as he did not have the proper licence or whatever it is was he was required to have. That journey came to an abrupt halt as they now had no driver. He had been driving without the proper licence for a few years.
Our awful experience with heaven tours yalikavak
what a terrible experience im glad you are all ok but you've been really lucky

there are a lot of rental agencies who are not insured and whenever you get a cut price deal you should be wary...im not saying that this Taylan gave you a cheaper deal than other places...but you have to protect your own interests

We have a rent a car business with full Kasko and you should always have a rental contract detailing the insurance. İve had people telling me they can have a cheaper deal than our cars but i would be suspicious as most good companies charge more or less the same...and its not worth the risk for a few quid less..if they don't have insurance they will also have cars that are not well maintained

i would take him to the cleaners

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Our awful experience with heaven tours yalikavak
It just does not bear thinking about what could have happened here. Thank goodness that you were on an area where you could stop quickly and get out. So good to read that you were all ok, albeit very shocked. Recently I put a post on FB asking for transfers for a friend of ours and Heaven Tours were recommended. Now this has come to light I don't think any of us would go there, unless they get their act together and care for their clients by having what quite rightly should be Insurance! It's not too much to ask, is it?

I know it's only material possessions you have lost, but I also hope that you get reimbursed, and that they are heavily fined for this.
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Our awful experience with heaven tours yalikavak
looby loo,
They advertise on their shop front they are a member of TURSAB , to get a Tursab Belgesi ( license ) The agency must have insurance and vehicles normally have a metal plaka which they must display whilst tourists are aboard in case they are stopped and have to show their license and insurance .
So contact Tursab by googling them and explain.


Our awful experience with heaven tours yalikavak
6Hours in the cop shop! no insurance. no wonder this Talyan guy was worried about you making a complaint he would have been in deep sh.t.
Our awful experience with heaven tours yalikavak
Surely you have to report this to the authorities before a fatality does occur, could you live with yourself if that does happen and you have done nothing about reporting it.


Our awful experience with heaven tours yalikavak
God how awful for you all! I agree with other posters - you really should report this.

So glad you all got out of it uninjured!


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Our awful experience with heaven tours yalikavak
Thanks for your comments. We paid 2100 TL for this rental, no deal, another company in Yali offered the same price to us but as we'd always used Taylan we decided to go with him & we assumed that everything was legal. We did have a signed agreement but this was destroyed in the fire so we couldn't check to see what it covered us for. While we were in the Jandarma station giving statements we still thought everything was above board, you have to remember we were all in shock. My friends are still waiting to hear if the insurance companies are going to pay and we live in Yali so we aren't covered for our loss.
We are all back in Scotland at the moment but my husband and I will pay a visit to the Jandarma when we return.


Our awful experience with heaven tours yalikavak
What a horrible experience for you and so lucky nobody was hurt. Where was the fire extinguisher which every vehicle must have onboard by law? No insurance, no fire extinguisher? I think they're in real trouble.
Our awful experience with heaven tours yalikavak
As you said things could have been far worse, but you are all safe and well.

I have told many people who hire cars locally in Turkey to always ask to see the cars insurance to use it as a rental car so that you are covered in case of any issues.
Our awful experience with heaven tours yalikavak
You will find the TURSAB logo in the windows of many Tour companies, but a check on the Tursab website will tell that there are very few who are actually licenced. Last year I checked out a few here in Didim, to find most of them not listed.



Our awful experience with heaven tours yalikavak
It would be nice to know which of the current rental companies in Yalikavak are current Tursab paid up members. I suppose they could get licenced for a year, pay their fees, get all the shop stickers and then let it lapse. Very few people would know wether they were currently licenced.
We had 2 experiences with heaven tours last year which soured our opinion of Taylan.I have said nothing until now , because we decided to vote with our feet and leave it at that.We had guests at our place and I usually organise an airport pick up for them . I chose Taylan. The chap arrived and did the pick up arrival fine. On the return the guy arrived and there were 2 other people plus luggage. He asked £40 from each couple.They questioned it a bit , because I had explained that , at the time , Taylan was charging £ 40 each way for a Vito. 6 seater. It didnt matter wether there were 2 or 6. Any way. We went to Taylan when we were there a week later and said the driver should have had split the £80. Taylan just walked away from us and served someone else in his shop.
The next occasion that worried us was when we had booked the Vito for 4 people + a baby ( 6 Months old ) who needed a baby seat. All was confirmed. On arrival. . . no vito, just a normal car with no baby seat. My daughter protested and the driver just said the vito had broken down and this car was all they had. In fairness to the driver , he did drive very carefully but that was one more nail in the coffin of our business with Taylan.

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