Osteopaths in and around Fethiye
Here's one for all you Fethiyeists!

Does anyone know if there is an osteopath in or near Fethiye please If there is, any idea how much they charge?

Any information gratefully received.


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Osteopaths in and around Fethiye
There is no osteopath as such. Osteopathy and physiotherapy is considered 'dangerous' by Turkish doctors!!! However, there is a Turkish chap who does massage and is very good. His name is Ercan Sonmez and he operates in Calis, Olu Deniz or Ciftlik. If you want any more information, please pm me.


Osteopaths in and around Fethiye
There is a guy in gunlukbasi who will be as near as you can get to an osteopath-he can put discs back and releive aches and pains-my wife uses him as she has a back problem-his name is Ilhan Yokus-mob 05356980683. he is just off the main road coming into fethiye nr the SOK market-if u need any more info contact via profile

His charge is 30TL for app 1 hr
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