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As I was doing the "Digiturk Remote Hand Jive" last night looking for something remotely decent to watch, I discovered by chance Harber Turk. They were showing the Istanbul Music Festival. Now I can take or leave orchestra music but what I saw was mesmerising and fantastic. They were the Borusan Istanbul Orkestrani Philimonic led by a young conductor who at the end of the energetic piece was sweating buckets.

The music was like nothing you would expect from a Philiomonic Orchestra and I was most surprised in my narrow minded way to think that all Turkish music only consisted of saz, flutes and bongoes. Anotolian folklore or even Arabesk - it is mostly all the same. How fascinating when I found this orchestra without a saz in sight. It consisted of all the instruments you would associate with a big European orchestra and yet I still was surprised at the beautiful music that this Turkish orchestra were producing.

This display of delight and genius turned my mind to thinking how blinkered and prejudiced I have become. Although I have travelled a little bit around Turkey, I feel that by living in only a small region of Turkey and knowing what there is to know about it, has made me ignorant as to the bigger picture. Why shouldn't Turkish people play music other than pipes, saz and village flutes. I am disappointed in myself to think how easy my mind and (little) knowledge is accepting and influenced by my small surroundings (although I love my life here). From now on I will strive to open my mind a bit more, become less complacent and less bored, as I do from time to time (it's an ex-pat's disease which affects some people who think they have seen or know everything about this great country - me included).

I have for some time thought I would move to Istanbul in the winter for more diversity in my life and if this happens I will certainly be going to see all that it has to offer by way of culture and to learn more about life in the big city.

Am off now to try and track down a CD of the above. Just wanted to share. Thanks. :walkman:
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Orchestra Music
Here's a link to an entry about them in Wikipedia.

[ame=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borusan_Istanbul_Philharmonic_Orchestra]Istanbul Borusan Philharmonic Orchestra[/ame]

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