Opting out of Residents Association
Hi Celtic,
I have sent you a PM with a question, but can I also ask -

I am an owner of a property which is now part of a residents association.
We formed it after being told that we needed 11 owners out of 14 to form it legally and it is now established and being run well.
However, In the event of anyone wanting to opt out of it, how would that be done ? or if one of the owners sold and the 'new' owner did not want to be part of the residents association, would it still function without the required number of owners?


Opting out of Residents Association
Hi Mushroom,

Residents association is not a that familiar institute in Turkish law. It's rather identified by common law rules and there are not many provisions regulating this matter other than the code of associations in Turkey.

I can say in respect of the general rules of Turkish associations law that the owner is not "personally" a member of this association. With a better statement, he/she doesn't have a freedom of leaving the association whenever he/she wants. It's like the property which is a member of the association, so the follower owners have to keep this membership unless they have justifiable reasons to leave the association.

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