Does any one know the price of an eye test in Turkey?????

Also the rough cost of glasses .

Thanks Maggiexxxx


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The last time I was quoted for a full eyetest, to UK standards, in Fethiye at a private hospital it was 35 TL.

You can get prescription glasses at chemists starting at 25 TL.


Ow thats not bad is it.!!!!

Anyone know what they charge in the opticians in Tinky????

Hugs Maggiexx


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İ live in Side and get my glasses in nearby Manavgat - first time İ went was last year and İ did not have a UK prescription with me or recent eye test at all - so İ went for the Full Works - the optician Cem Optik took me to a proper eye doctor.s clinic and İ was given a full check up - then back to the optical shop to pick out frames - İ got 2 x pairs of prescription sunglasses made with non-glare and expensive unusual frames - total cost of all above was 150 Euros.


we got charged 100tl in altinkum for an eye test for kyan which only lasted 2 mins.. I think my mum paid the same for hers... glasses are around 200tl but come alot cheaper depending on frame and lens strength etc

Oh maggie i forgot to add we were told the eye doctor we wen to for the test was the only properly qualified one in the area but i wouldnt use her again, in my opinion she really didnt know what she was talkin about.
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Maggie,yesterday jane & i both got new specs here in Bodrum.
The frames choices & prices vary greatly.You can start at 40tl & go up to 200tl+for 'designer frames'.Personally with all the 'genuine fake' clothes in Turkey,these designer frames could be fakes also.
I had aviator style frames (not rayban)for 80tl,anti scratch,anti glare,reacterlite & variafocal lenses including eye test all for 366tl.
You MUST shop around as prices vary greatly,some shops in Bodrum were not interested in helping us as we did not want pricey designer frames.
If anyone in Bodrum wants the services of a very good optician let me know & i'll post their details,good english,not pushy & plenty of time for you.


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