Operation Antalya: Moving & advice
Hello all,

It's my plan to move to this lovely coast of Turkey in June of this year, and I'd like to know if there's anyone here who has been through the process in the recent past who would be willing to share their experiences. I've read through the forums as well as a lot of external sources, but I have some questions and would like to hear some first hand accounts... or even just a "yeah, that's the sum of it" from someone in the know. Via e-mail or Skype, whatever suits you.

Also, if there are any who "facilitate" the process, or who have a wider knowledge of how things go down, I'd be interested to hear from you.

Points of interest for me:
- Residency
- Long term rentals(1yr+)
- Real estate

A note on the parallel rental markets: I'd like to avoid the heavily-advertised one catering to vacation renters, with highly inflated prices. I know what things are worth in the region in terms of long term tenancy, and I'd like to make contacts who can help me get a foot in the right door.

Look forward to hearing from anyone. Cheers, and a big thanks for taking a look here !


Operation Antalya: Moving & advice
Unfrurnished is cheaper to rent than furnished - if people have furniture they often will only let for the winter and then do holiday rents in the summer. It is easier to find somewhere out of seaon. My advice would be if you can to come soon and spend a week or two in a cheap hotel - hire a car and drive around the areas you like to look for and look for kiralik (to rent) signs in windows - call the numbers - properties in resort areas go quickly. If you are looking for long term see if you can agree no rent increases for the term or a discount if you pay 3/6/12 months up front.

You can only get residency for the length of your tenancy agreement - so 1 yr tenancy = 1 yr residency - you have to have over 1 years residency permit in order to import your belongings. Hope that helps

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