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A Night at the Opera (or two) in Aspendos- Aida and Tosca.‏

A friend has organised the above trip from Bodrum to the Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival (near Antalya) and have a few tickets left, sounds like a good deal!

Basic details are:
Friday 12 & Saturday 13 June (2 days, overnight stay) – Aida
Tuesday23 & Wednesday 24 June (2 days, overnight stay) - Tosca

If you are interested please PM me for contact telephone number.


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Opera Lovers!
l admire the beauty on the way the ballet dancer performs.Revealing the story of rhythmic movements while dancing to beautiful heart pumping classics's
Here's one classic l just love listening to.And the ballet is just superb.
What a wonderful art of expression

[ame=]TV+ - Classical Music[/ame]


Opera Lovers!
It's a pity that ballet is the only dance form that attracts large audiences; contemporary dancers do the same amount of training but struggle to fill a venue whether they are dancing to classical music or new music. Our daughter is a choreographer, danced since she was two and now has both a BA in dance and an MSC in Screendance, she has two companies one amateur the other professional, both companies struggle for audiences. It’s the same with other contemporary companies, she’s one of the lucky ones she is a full time dancer other dancers have full time jobs and still have to find time to rehearse and perform. If the media gave music, dance and theatre the same coverage as football then it might be different. Although there is hope a lot of the schools are finding that the after school classes in drama, music and dance are becoming more popular then football!

Your clip was lovely to watch.


Opera Lovers!
Must admit Ava that I enjoyed the era of Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Donald O`Connor, Ginger Rogers, Marion Millar and those fabulous black and white `Berkeley Folly`s` type musicals.

I thought for a time that West Side Story, River Dance, Starlight Express and Chicago would see a revival of that type of choreography, but no individual talents come to the fore as household names, apart from perhaps Michael Flatley and Wayne Sleep; Streetdancing appears to be quite innovative and entertaining - but I do miss that old staccato rhythm, the personalities and the big bands playing hypnotic themes that remained in your head for days afterwards.

Great memories.......


Opera Lovers!
I'm glad to hear that another member enjoys musicals.

The reason that these big time productions came to an end is quite simply finance not a lack of talent. These productions need an Andrew Lloyd Webber bankroll, not many of them about. I totally agree that these types of musical theatre give you a real feel good feeling.

I do love West Side Story, Chicago, CATS, Grease, Singing in the Rain but I also love Stomp, Rambert Ballet, Australian Dance Theatre, and Bill T Jones.

I have also took part in Streetdance Classes, all I can say about that was I was fitter at the end but, oh my, it was hard.

Bollywood seems to be a favourite lately something to with the film Slumdog Millionaire possibly.

On another note we went to see Jolson at the weekend, tickets were an anniversary present. We thought we would be one of the youngest couples there, but the ages ranged from about mid teens to the silver and gold generation. It was fantastic by the end of the night everyone was singing along.

Enjoy your memories Jet.

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