Opening an Account in Turkey
Just been on to Garanti Bank web-site. To open an account there you need the following apparently...

A copy of your passport

Tax identification number
A residence address in Turkey for deliveries of statements and other notifications

Residence permit (if applicable)

First one is (of course) is no problem

Where do you get a tax identification number? We are in Altinkum.

Guess what? We have NO post box fitted to our holiday home!

Mel (and Anne)

peter the postie

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Opening an Account in Turkey
Just ask for the tax number at the council building in didim. You usually get it when you pay your council tax.


Opening an Account in Turkey
either that or go in any local bank and they will tell you where the tax office is . you will also need to take a photo copy of your passport . some offices wont photo copy it for you .
Opening an Account in Turkey
hi if you go to the ppt which is the post office you will be able to get a p.o. box its about 15 lire a year.

Grant G

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Opening an Account in Turkey
Hi - I have been trying to open a bank account and it seems that I need a whole host of info and documentation.

I come here regularly for business, have an Istanbul address (company address), but apparently I need to provide additional documentation and pay an annual fee to the government to have an account.

Unless I have a residency status it seems I cannot open an account, unless I can give the name of some friend or relative who has a proven income, etc.

All seems crazy to me....

Can anybody provide me with some advice?



Opening an Account in Turkey
Are you talking about a bank account? I opened one a few years ago with just our passports if I remember right. I believe you have to have a tax number now, you didn't then.


Opening an Account in Turkey
I have just opened two accounts one English one Turkish I did it in Bodrum
at the Geranti Bank I only had my passport with me it took about 20 minutes
I did have a lady with me that speakes Turkish


Living in Okcular
Opening an Account in Turkey
We opened a joint sterling and a joint turkish lira timed deposit account in Ortaca last week with Deniz Bank. We only needed our passports and our tax numbers.

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