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Open Air Amphitheatre Shows Now
The tour guys in Side now have amphitheatre tickets on offer from 1st to 29th September 2009 for ASPENDOS AMPHITHEATRE to see Troy or Fire of Anatolia at around 55 Lire. Both start at 9:15pm and are about an hour's drive away, so pick up around 7pm, but the trip includes free pick up/drop off at any Side hotel. I have seen these 2 shows and they are both FANTASTIC!

Be careful which Aspendos Amphitheatre you go to though. The Gloria Aspendos Arena is a NEW arena/ amphitheatre just up the road from the REAL OLD Aspendos Amphitheatre. It is still a wonderful night out under the stars to see a show but not the ORIGINAL amphitheatre.

Nothing as yet at Side Amphitheatre.

The problem with amphitheatres in both Side and Aspendos is that they are so very old that the Turkish Government/Mayors are now trying to preserve them and not allowing too many shows there.

The Side Mayor has recently clamped down on the harrassment of tourists too. So if any bar, restaurant, T-shirt or jeans shop really gives you a hard time, please report them to the Gendarmarie (police) in Old Town Side. They will be fined. This used to happen in Antalya but since the fines were brought in, you won't see that in Old Town Kaleici any more. :bolt:

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