One year since our move to Davutlar.
So thats our first year in Turkey complete. since our move.

What have we learned?

The local Turks are friendlier than we ever imagined.
They look out for us constantly...

The cost of living is even less than we thought and the standard of living superb and crime seems non existent in our outback.No druggies on every corner.

No way could we have retired in the UK and had the standard of living we have..Still be working to pay the extortionate bills.

I love the fruit market we fill our trolley with a kg of every fruit and vegetable available for around £10,it's mad.

I love the fact I can get a kebab for 70p for lunch.

I love the shopping malls and the real shops.

I miss Chutney and proper mature cheddar cheese.

I miss our kids and the grandkids but we are constantly in touch which helps.

I haven't missed Stoke as it's behind closed doors anyway,miss the lads though.

I can watch football till it comes out my ears and not be ripped off for internet.

I love the cost of water,electric and community charge.£6o a year each community charge and bin man comes twice a day a lot. Where the hell does the money go in the UK.🤷😁

The year has been superb even allowing for Covid,

Visits from family and friends is lovely.

The sun just shines on and on.i can walk or cycle for miles along our beach.

Charon can put up with me 24/7.

I lost weight.

I know all the beach bar owners by name.

I love living out of the main resort.How lucky were we to find one of the few areas with miles and miles of sandy Beach.

Davutlar has been discovered,not sure if that's good or bad.Our sleepy village is now a roaring town.

The Earthquake was like nothing I have ever experienced.😬

For those of you thinking of making the jump just do it.I know there are so many of you thinking about it.If you need any advice just ask.

Oh forgot the interest rate,

Davutlar rules


Days On The Beach in Side
One year since our move to Davutlar.
Good Morning Kev - - What a lovely summary of your first year here in Turkey - it reflects all my positive thoughts too. I am English, retired, and have lived in Side (pronounced See-Day), one hour from Antalya, for 14 years.

Davutlar sounds very nice - I have not been there but I did stay in Kusadasi for 3 weeks a while ago. If you haven't been to Side, do try and visit. It's a magical place and even now - in December - the weather is fantastic and I go swimming virtually every day!
Side has the longest promenade in the Mediterannean, the second longest sandy beach in Turkey, and Side is home to the Apollo Temple which is where Anthony and Cleopatra fell in love; nowadays there are a lot of weddings held at sunset by the Temple because that's the time of day that the sun beams through the Temple's pillars; it makes for a good photo-shoot.

As for missing your chutney from England, you can buy over 30 types of chutney on-line directly from the UK. This British on-line website has over 2,000 items of food and drink, delivered all over the world. I order from them regularly and have been very pleased with all my purchases, the way they wrap the goods and the delivery time - which has been between 7 and 10 days from my initial order. But you will have to pay some Duty in TL Cash upon delivery and you won't know how much until you get your items. Normally I pay between 10 and 20 TL for the Duty but once, for a very big order, I had to pay 150 TL. See here ... ... And although they don't sell any actual cheeses, they have (1) Cheddar cheese sauce mix in sachets (2) cheddar cheese crisps (3) West Country Legends Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese Straws (4) Cheddar Cheese Pretzels (5) Mature Cheddar and Red Onion Kettle Chips (6) Bisto Best Mature Cheddar Cheese Sauce mix in a screw-top jar (7) Walkers Poppables Cheddar Cheese Snacks (8) Ryvita Cheddar and Cracked Black Pepper Thins (9) Idahoan Cheddar Cheese Instant Mash x Angela in sunny Side, Turkey x

ted j

One year since our move to Davutlar.
Six years for us now
We were lucky , everything worked out OK for us , we have 2 local bars within 200 yards, a small Carrefour 150 yards away and although our little neighbourhood is quiet , we are only about 4 minutes away from town on my electric three wheel scooter and about 6 or 7 minutes away from the nearest beach

Like the OP we know most of the bar owners here and we have found a few good workmen who don't rip you off and do a good job
The only downside at the mo , is when it rains, I am stuck inside as I can't walk very far and the bike cant do wet weather due to getting the electrics wet , but we can get most things delivered . A local bar owner shopped for us when we had the lockdown in March and we have 2 people who deliver things like HP sauce, Branston pickle , mint sauce and various other English type things, sausages and bacon, as well as crates of Tuborg . We can even get sausage rolls and apple pie delivered if we want

There is a weekly market on a Monday 150 yards away and we have 4 chemists all within 250 yards. There is even a little shop down the boulevard where we can pay our electric bill instead of queuing at Aydem (which is usually crowded with big queues outside)
We have English TV and Netflix via a firestick and our place has fields over the road and at the front (we are not overlooked all round actually )
The neighbours are good , an older German Turkish couple on one side who usually stay about 6 months a year and a Turkish family who have our other next door as a holiday home .
We have a far better standard of living here now than we would have done in the UK at this time , we could eat out 4 or 5 times a week if we wanted and when our family come over in the summer, although we have our own pool, we sometimes go to a couple of other pools so our granddaughter can have some company her own age

Freedom 49

No fun if it's too easy!
One year since our move to Davutlar.
That's a great post and good to hear that you've settled in so well.
I was 12 years living full-time in Kuşadası and know Davutlar well. The Radon Thermal Baths was one place that I loved to go to given time and even though there are Hamams throughout Turkey where you can chill out for a couple of hours, Radon had that extra special feeling.

13 years ago I relocated to Side on the Southern Coast and I've lived here ever since but I've made several visits back to your part of the country since my move. Old friends, old haunts, and work have taken me back from time to time.

Mature Cheddar Cheese? Try Izmir Tulum Peynir. It tastes really good and is probably the nearest you'll get to your mature cheddar. You'll definately find it on Davutlar or Kuşadası markets or failing that, your nearest Migros.

Enjoy yourselves. I have never regretted my emigration from Britain to Turkey all those years ago and the rest of my days will be spent here. :biggrin:


One year since our move to Davutlar.
Hi Kev That is a positive story. Enjoy your new life
Turkey is a wonderful country .I hope to move to Altinkum full time one day soon.
Stay safe.


Days On The Beach in Side
One year since our move to Davutlar.
Posted from Istanbul Forum on Facebook ... Found some lovely "Mature" Cheddar at Carrefour Gürme (Bomonti) this morning. Excellent taste. ₺23.90 less ₺5.00 with card number ... The cheese is PRESIDENT, CHEDDAR PEYNIRI, 220 GMS ...

I just looked on the Carrefour website and was very shocked but pleased to see they have that cheese in all their shops + lots of others too ... and you can buy all of them on-line ... ... x ANGELA x ...

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