One year since our move to Davutlar.
So thats our first year in Turkey complete. since our move.

What have we learned?

The local Turks are friendlier than we ever imagined.
They look out for us constantly...

The cost of living is even less than we thought and the standard of living superb and crime seems non existent in our outback.No druggies on every corner.

No way could we have retired in the UK and had the standard of living we have..Still be working to pay the extortionate bills.

I love the fruit market we fill our trolley with a kg of every fruit and vegetable available for around £10,it's mad.

I love the fact I can get a kebab for 70p for lunch.

I love the shopping malls and the real shops.

I miss Chutney and proper mature cheddar cheese.

I miss our kids and the grandkids but we are constantly in touch which helps.

I haven't missed Stoke as it's behind closed doors anyway,miss the lads though.

I can watch football till it comes out my ears and not be ripped off for internet.

I love the cost of water,electric and community charge.£6o a year each community charge and bin man comes twice a day a lot. Where the hell does the money go in the UK.

The year has been superb even allowing for Covid,

Visits from family and friends is lovely.

The sun just shines on and on.i can walk or cycle for miles along our beach.

Charon the wife can put up with me 24/7.

I lost weight.

I know all the beach bar owners by name.

I love living out of the main resort.How lucky were we to find one of the few areas with miles and miles of sandy Beach.

Davutlar has been discovered,not sure if that's good or bad.Our sleepy village is now a roaring town.

The Earthquake was like nothing I have ever experienced.

For those of you thinking of making the jump just do it.I know there are so many of you thinking about it.If you need any advice just ask.

Oh forgot the interest rate,

Davutlar rules


One year since our move to Davutlar.
Admin can you put this on my Turkish living post.
So good to hear about life in Turkey..
Kevkj really great to hear your really good Turkish living news.
Look forward to hearing more.
And to anyone else doing real living in Turkey let's hear from you.
One year since our move to Davutlar.
Love your post, I can't wait until I can try living in Turkey.
I can't believe that you have lost weight eating kebabs and knowing all the beach bar owners so well. It must be the lack of the mature cheese & chutney making all the difference.

Too relieve the boredom this afternoon I shall check out your area on some YouTube videos & the Google maps street view


One year since our move to Davutlar.
Someone suggested admin moved it,sorry they didnt.So I did.


One year since our move to Davutlar.
Yes Kevkj. I agree with all you have said. My wife and I have lived here in Konakli full time for 13years now. And as you have said. It is far cheaper than living in the UK. Plus the Turkish folk really are friendly as you said.

Then of course we have the better weather, although it is very hot in the summer months. It's great we love it. Butt007

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