Olive Tree Leaves in Pool
My pool leaf filter is constantly becoming blocked by leaves falling from nearby olive trees. The leaves float from the surface, into the overflow channel and then drop into the filter chamber hole and eventually block the trap. Ideally some sort of trap over the hole seems the obvious choice, but I haven't seen anything around. Does anybody know of a labour saving solution to this problem, where to get it and at what cost?



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Olive Tree Leaves in Pool
What l used was some one's discarded mosquito net.l cut it to the appropriate measurement to fit the area and then cut a ice cream tub to form an edge for the mosquito net.Seal it with waterproof sealant around the edge.
Also because of the area you are living in surrounded by olive trees.You just to put up with the added burden of scooping out the leaves with a net morning and evening and also to scoop out the gullies with a homemade container cut to size from a coke-ca cola 1/5 litre bottle.
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