Olive oil
I’m planning to go to sirence to buy some of their famous olive oul
But are all the olive oils in sirnce genuine and pure
Does anyone know a tried and tested genuine sirnce olive oil brand

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Olive oil
Before settling down in Side 10 years ago, I spent the previous 12 years living & working in Kuşadası. I took friends & customers many times to Şirince to work our way around the Wine Houses to sample their goodies.

Personally, I thought the Olive Oil from Kaplankaya Winery was just brilliant. Not the cheapest of the Wine Houses up there on the hillsde but definately, one of the best. My Turkish Mum-in-Law made her own Olive Oil and it was really good but, both my husband and his mum would savour the taste of Kaplankaya Olive Oil with crusty bread and a salty white cheese.

Now, down here in Side, we have the benefit of a very good, clean Olive Oil that's produced from the Olives taken from my daughter's garden.

Let us know how you go on after having formed your own opinion.
Enjoy the day!


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Olive oil
It's very good and positioned at the top end of the market for the bigger merchandising volumes... but for smaller volums there is now a vibrant connosieur segment... which is all about personal preferences...

Mine lie with organic production from trees that are more than 3,000 years old...basically these trees have been there since the dawn of written history, so they are NO LESS THAN 3,000 years old... they are each about 1 to 1.5 meters in diameter.... and there are at least a 500 of them I am guessing

But I also know of two other regions I enjoy pallatably good consistent quality from... in Crete and Kalamata...

The best region in Turkey is widely reputed to be Gemlik... but that preudice dates largely from times before coastal production was popular and easily accessible to the population centre of Istanbul...

Considering that in most western coastal locations de-population for hundreds of years between 400 AD and 1940's left much of the crop to dwindle...

And in the world... Palestine...

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