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Offplan or resales
For me New Off Plan never come in the equation !!

Expat forums members are probably thinking whats the old boy on about ?

Well lets look at the way they sell off plan ?

They show you this pretty drawn picture which 9 times out of 10 has lovely green grass all around , a swish
car in the drive .

Nearly always shows a pretty woman by the pool playing ball games with her little kids .

No neighbours are shown its always pretty fields or mountains or sea views.

They tell you that thats how its going to be

Then they give the speal about how you can rent it for like £500 a week in summer and it will be Fully booked

They also say how cheap it is and that this property is gonna be worth 30% more time its built !!

Then they want your expat saving funds money to go ahead and build it

Followed by stage payments along the way

The Pitfalls !!!

Well you spend the next year of your life worrying !!!

Is it being built correctly
Do they even have legal permissions to build it there
Are they going to still be in business to be able to complete
and so on and so on ..

If it is completed you then spend the next year of your life !!!

Living on a building site while they build others
Fighting to get proper electric supply as very often its on the builders supply
Looking for settlement cracks and waitting for the builders to finish them niggling little jobs
and so on and so on

Then after all the hassles of the above you look out the window and that view suddenly has
now got phase 2 under development !! they didnt say that on the brochures !! Now you got a view on to a building site
and wheres the expat family ? the girl playing ball by the pool ? with the green grass fields ??
and so on and so on

Buying a Resale

The expats see the house
The expats see the views
The expats have no building sites
The expats have no worrying if its finished etc,etc..
and so on and so on.

House is viewed and purchased and with correct legal advice all in order with power water and all them other extras ,
you sleep sound and enjoy expat life

And with a resale you get a host of extras as well Sat TV installed etc etc ..


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Offplan or resales
Oh no!!!!!! Not this old chestnut again, this comes up at least once a week and has been done to death surely


Offplan or resales
you mean that the au-pair doesnt come with the apartment? I'm devastated!!

seriously - off-plan can work, you just have to know what you are doing


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Offplan or resales
Amazingly, i have never seen a fat bloke or bird in any of these sales presentations, i was convinced if we bought off plan that the pounds would drop off. I now realise that they do, with the worry and the extra costs, both ones weight and bank a/c do lose pounds.

Big Pete

Big but not a Lardy !!
Offplan or resales
Well I think this is a helpful post as new people are joining all the time and dont always know their way around the forum.

Thanks Lilly

Thats why i posted it stop the silly newbies going over and being wined and dined and then stuffed..

Why do it ?? are they nuts ?? Just go and choose the finished villa with everything in place ..

Yes sure the subject has been covered before but new members wouldnt see that would they ..

When i was last over a English estate agent working for one out there on a huge commision i would add .. Told me and this was his words " Like lambs to the slaughter "


Offplan or resales
Peregrine Are you the one who made lots of post re Lemon grove in Kusadasi.? As I recall that was all off plan and look at the problems they all had..!!
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