o2 rip off
Just a warning to o2 users using their phones whilst in Turkey. Prior to my last trip I contacted o2 customers services to get advice re using my mobile . The very honest service representative advised me to turn off data roaming as the costs were very high. He also told me that if someone calls you whilst you were in Turkey you get charged for that call, which I was aware of. he then went on to say that if they leave an answerphone message then it is sent back to the uk and you pay for that and when you ring to get your message you pay for that. That means you actually pay three times . Hence my data roaming and voicemail were turned off.
Turkey has a good mobile phone system and it seems clear to me that the companies are just using the fact that they are not in the EU to charge inflated prices. Lets hope that the powers to be clamp down on this as they recently have just done with EU charges.


o2 rip off
A friend of mine who lives in England, changed his service provider to Vodaphone from O2 and was very shocked to get his monthly bill showing £145 for phone calls to me in Turkey, they were charging over £1 per minute. I think you are correct that as Turkey is outside the UK, the service providers feel that they can charge what they like.



o2 rip off
I use O2 when abroad and have their international caller saver plan, but it still is excessive, my bill was £130 for my last holiday, but i did use the internet stupidly. I never answer incoming calls always call back as that is actually cheaper.

It is a rip off i agree



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o2 rip off
I have a vodafone and when i switch the phone on It gives me the prices for using it £1.79 per minute...
we use turkcell at about a 5th the cost or was
val which network are you on ?



o2 rip off
More important than making calls is to make sure you have data(3g) roaming turned off. I needed to pick some emails up but the charge is £6 per meg and the few times I used it added to quite a bit. I also had to make a few calls = £23

Details of data below:

22 Jun£17.293
24 Jun£10.724
25 Jun£4.413
26 Jun£5.943
27 Jun£1.342
28 Jun£0.100
03 Jul£5.374
05 Jul£0.645
Total volume--------7,821k
Total cost-----------£45.83

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