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Nurses establish donor army with a click
I guess then that there isnt a regular blood donor service in Turkey and that blood is donated as needed which must be really challenging for all concerned - not knowing if you can get the blood when its needed so this is great news!


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Nurses establish donor army with a click
There is a donor service in some areas but it's not as well supported as the UK's National Blood Transfusion Service. You'll very often hear announcements on the town and village tannoy systems asking for people of a particular blood group to quickly go to the local hospital to donate blood following a serious accident.
Nurses establish donor army with a click
hi Judi,there is a donor system of sorts! A couple of months ago there was also a very good thread on the Forum about blood donors..im useless at posting the link..maybe KKOB will do it.
Sometimes you will hear loudspeakers in the town asking for donors especially when its a rare type. Families also look for donors themselves.
the Turkish Red Cresent..the equivalent of the Red Cross are active in educating donors. This year they held a Blood Donor day(in june)
Turkish Red Crescent Society :: Blood Services site is also in english.
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