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Hello all - I'm attempting to conclude an apartment purchase in Didim, we have a contract (of sorts), military clearance (apparantley) and have confirmed a transfer no/ref with the TAPU office, I hope that all I need to do now is conclude with transfer, pay tax etc..I've been advised I need to see the local Notary but I'm not sure what part they play in the process.
Anyone have any ideas on potential charges ( I've already paid out enough !) and if I need an appointment?

Appreciate any/all comments - Thanks.


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It was explained to me years ago that the Noter is not allowed to give advice. His job is to see that what is being done is legal and that both sides understand what is happening. So, even if he is witnessing a deal that is against your best interests, so long as it is legal, he will not raise this with you: his job is only to legalise the deal.

They have a sliding scale of charges for each type of transaction.

For someone to look after your interests you need a solicitor.



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If you are at the stage you say you are then there is no need to go to the notary, it will be to the TAPU office to do the transfer only.

I think you need to clarify with your agent or seller why you need to go to the notary.


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Thanks, appreciate replies.
It was actually the staff in TAPU office who advised that I visit the Notary!

The Solicitor originally involved has since proved untrustworthy, letting our friends down in an unrelated piece of business and our Agent is facing Court charges for ripping someone else off = same old, same old....

Any idea who can confirm Military clearance has been obtained?

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