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Prompted by comments made elsewhere, I've been thinking recently about the experiences I had when buying and sorting everything out with my property.

One of the really confusing bits for me was the Notary services that you apparently needed for everything, but, four years down the road, and armed with the knowledge gleaned mainly from TLF members, I feel I am able to make a bit more sense of the whole thing.

I would like to make clear that this is not another 'knock Turkey' thread before Kym et al jump on me :D, but it's just another example of a lot of things surrounding the whole area of property that is crying out for regulation.

I'll give a few examples of what I mean;

  • The charges for exactly the same services are different in each notary office - how can this be with a government office? It smacks of corrupt practice.
  • They will not accept an already notarised passport but insist on doing another one from the original with more needless charges forced on the foreign buyer
  • Some quite important matters you can do yourself without the need for the notary, yet some really trivial issues you must do through the notary.
I would suggest these things must be confusing for not only the buyer - I can remember at the time that my emlak had not got a clue of what the notar really required and was unable to explain the process to me. I recently found many duplicated documents that I have paid for twice, and to be perfectly honest, I had no clue what I was paying for at the time, even with the 'benefit' of a translator, which I will come to now.

The translator services to me appears nothing more than a racket. In some areas there are not very many translators and the same ones are used all the time. They never translate a full document for you, just the bare minimum required by the notar. They should be completely independent but of course they won't be because they will not rock the boat or they won't get any more referrals.

Just going through all my various bills for these services, I know fine well I've paid far too much because of this monster of a property purchasing process (or non-process) that exists in Turkey.

I know it's not the same as the UK, but surely to God someone in the Government in Turkey has heard of sharing best practice and could despatch a team somewhere to see what's done elsewhere?


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If I jumped on you ceemac Id probably crush you. Desperately in need of a diet!

Sorry, back to thread ;-)


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Ceemac, good observation and another area that I find frustrating and monopolised, the charges are far too high for the amount of work involved.

When I question it they tell me it's regulated by the government and the notary is only doing a job with most of the money going to the government, seem to be like a licence to print money.


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Great article, it is an area that i am always grinding my teeth over but have never said anything for fear of being told on here - "well its NOT the UK"
Having gone through a very traumatic court case myself (still ongoing), i am shocked by the notary fees, every official letter sent by my lawyer has required to be notarised at considerable expense, these letters would be standard lawyers letter in the Uk but not official in Turkey unless rubber stamped. Surely a lawyers letter should be official without having to be stamped everytime, after all, he has a power of attorney to act on our behalf. It is nothing more than a racket, everytime i have a document translated, the same translator flies over the 5 pages and gives me a loose precis of the contents and charges £40, i already know what it says as my lawyer has written the dam thing! Arrgggggggg, time for a change i think! Sorry beginning to rant


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I too had a problem with a translator. She charged me 50TL to translate??? the name of the property I was buying,the area of the plot and the name of the person I was buying from. :dizzy:

Talk about a ripoff, but apparently they have to do this by law?

In fact our Emlak spoke better English than she did. When I mentioned this he said the Notaire appoints the translator and they are supposed to translate from any language.
Wonder how they would get on translating for a Chinese person!
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It is the law that as a yabanci you must have a translator. The noter's office we go to has a very good translator, who diligently translates the whole document and makes sure we understand. He charges 20 lira per document. Each noter's office has it's own designated translator.
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Ceemac, you bring up valid points. and another excellent point. I too didnt understand the whole noter practice, nor the fees, nor the translator issue at the noter. One would think that in a government office things would be standardized, seee........the problem is that the noter isnt technically a government office. they are owned by individuals. a couple of years ago, there was a huge scandal involving one, (IN bodrum) and had to shut down. Once you get thru the red tape and corruption and scandal are rife. I cant say I ever understood the system, but i too had the misfortune of using it personally in the formation of my company for the lingerie store, then on my partnerhip with my sister in law, and then on the turn over over of my lingerie shop to my husband..... i always felt like i was getting the short end of the deal. and whats with all the frigging pictures??? they require a dozen pics for this, a dozen for that...are they in cahoots with the photographers?
A for the translators, there are a couple in the bodrum area that are good, but when i was present for a customer (and usually they like to separate us - and i would insist on staying with my customer cause i know the quality of translation) i would constantly correct them, which of course they didnt like. and it was a memories by rote, and they jut rattled it off, and there is no way that anyone could have understood it. And yes, you are right, they dont rock the boat in fear that they wont get called back. Now when they did stuff for me, they didnt have to translate, which was one step easier, but that whole taking of the money willy nilly is for the birds. when you sell a car for example, you pay a couple of thousand liras.......

Ceemac, this too is one issue that can be documented and translators recomended, and a basic fee structure put down. Although, i think they are different in each town.
with all the info that you are digging up, why dont you write a book. what do you do for a living by the way????


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And god forbid you need something notarized here and ent over there, you have to go thru your state office and get something called apostille, then take it down to your county court house, then have it notarized at the bank, free of charge, they just notarize the ignature, not the content, then it goes down to the state capital and get a "state authorized tamp" then you have to send it to the consulate in los angeles with a hefty fee, and return postage, mind you not jut plain return postage, fed ex or ups, with a preadressed envelope - then you have to send it to turkey and hope it makes it there. it takes at leat 2 months. a friend had to have some property sold due to a death in the family, it was a nightmare. it took forever...........so the turkih bureaucracy is at work here too.......taaaa daaaaaaa


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Very good observation ceemac, and I think most Turks would be with you on it too. Having had experience of a notary accepting a transfer of company shares without ' the correct residency paperwork ' by new TURKISH shareholders , when we had been told they were absolutely essential with the 10 photos of course, I am very cynical about their role and payments. Yet the Government seems to have some control over their fee structure as notary fees were increased in the round of increases two weeks ago (passports/ residency books/ drivers licences etc..)
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